Monday, April 20, 2015

Half Marathon Training Week 5 Up to the Asbury Park Half Marathon: 4/13-4/19

My training up to the Asbury Park Half marathon was so so. I would have liked to have ran on Monday but I just didn't get to it with my preschooler at home that day. What I should have done was either PiYo or T25 but I was lazy. Other than that missed day, I'm happy with what I got in for training.

Here's a recap of last week's workouts up to the Asbury Park Half:
Monday 4/13 - Rest
Tuesday 4/14 - 4.3 miles with friends
Wednesday 4/15 - 2 miles
Thursday 4/16 - Rest
Friday 4/17 - Rest
Saturday 4/18 - Asbury Park Half Marathon. This was my time and distance according to my Garmin. Race recap with official results will be on the blog later this week.
Sunday 4/19 - Rest

As to the weekend, Saturday was the Asbury Park Half. For now I will just say that it was a beautiful day for a run but also the warmest day I've ran this year and I wasn't prepared for the warm weather. My time was fine, but I was hoping for under 2 hours. It's ok though because I got to go with some awesome friends and we all had a great time (Thanks Dana, Min, and Kelly for a good time). Race recap will be on the blog this week. 

After the half marathon, we ate brunch at the Turning Point in Freehold. I forgot to snap a pic but I had a berry smoothie and a Western Omelette and it was just right for after running the Half. When we got back to our friend Dana's house we celebrated our finishing the half marathon with sparkling apple cider. 
The rest of the afternoon was spent just relaxing and recovering from the half marathon.

On Sunday, it being another nice day, but not as warm, we headed out for a family hike at 6 Mile Run Reservoir. It's a neat place to hike. Trip report on this will come later on the blog too! :)
We went for 2 miles and it took about an hour total, then headed back home for lunch. After lunch the kiddos wanted to play outside so we did that too. They rode their bikes and also played catch with Daddy. :)
Overall a great weekend! I did miss the kiddos first t-ball practice/game but Hubby took some great pics and I wanted to leave off with this cute one he took of the boys together.
That pretty much sums up the weekend. Linking this post up with Tara at Running N’ Reading for her Weekend Update. Have a great week all!
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  1. sounds like the half went well! It is warming up quickly and it does take some getting used to! Cute t-ball picture! Happy Monday!

  2. Great job on your race, I think your time was amazing! You also look great and happy in the race pic:)
    Now that's a perfect way to recover from a half marathon, take a hike the next day:)
    Congrats on the race finish!!!

  3. Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlinApril 20, 2015 at 10:01 AM

    What a great weekend! You have beautiful places to run and train! Congratulations on your half!

  4. The warm weather does take some getting used to. At least I have one more half to try and PR. Happy Monday! :)

  5. Thanks Kristy!!! I think that pic was at around mile 6 and probably just after that part was where I started feeling tired. :p

  6. Thanks Tricia! Yes, I feel pretty lucky to live in an area with some cool trails and parks to run. Have a great week!

  7. Looks like a beautiful place to run and play. Fun!

  8. Looks like a great half! Can't wait to hear the recap. Good weather for it this weekend, too.

  9. Everyone needs a lazy day sometimes. Congrats on your half. That's a great finish time especially with it being warm.

  10. Thanks! Yeah, I'm not sure what happened to me during my half but I was tired after mile 6 and just trudged on through to the finish.

  11. What a good week! Looking forward to both recaps. Looks like you had a fun time with friends.

  12. Nice job last week and on your half! I like the hiking pic of the boys running. How'd they like T-Ball?

  13. Great job on the half, and it looks like you are having a great time.

  14. Thanks Jenny! Definitely had a great time with friends.

  15. Thanks Sherry! Yeah, the boys love to run on the hike at times. :) They really liked T-ball.

  16. Thanks Abby! I was ok running the first 6 miles then it kinda fell apart, but the scenery was great! :)