Friday, June 5, 2015

Battle of Trenton and Princeton History Tour

Hubby is a history buff and I enjoy learning about it, so he brought up the idea of going on a history tour in our backyard, well not actually our backyard but in the vicinity. We live in Princeton and not many know that there is lots of history here and in the surrounding areas. With the help of the Hidden Trenton website, Hubby learned a lot about our area's history and took us on a tour (driving and walking). If you do the tour, I highly recommend printing out the pdf of the Guides to the Battles of Trenton and Princeton because there is lots of great information there.

We started our tour at Washington Crossing Park, right by the Delaware River to see where George Washington crossed on Christmas day back in 1776.
Here is a ferry boat similar to what they used back then to transport people and artillery.
We then ventured up to Washington Crossing Park and visited the Johnson Ferry House. Pretty amazing that it has been there circa 1740!
Continental Lane, where Washington's Army began their march to Trenton. We hiked a bit of it before heading back to the car to drive to Jacob's Creek.
Jacob's Creek, where Washington's Army had to cross on their way to Trenton.
Some nice informational signs at the creek.
We made our way to Trenton to the Battle Monument there. It was interesting to learn that here George Washington's Army fought the Hessians (German soldiers that the British paid to fight for them). Washington's army defeated them.
Remnants of an old paper mill on Front Street.
Old Barracks in Trenton.
George Washington Statue on Mill Hill
We then made our way to Princeton. I forgot to mention that there are "Washington Victory Trail" signs that mark Washington's route. It was fun seeing these signs along the drive and even the kiddos were looking out and pointing whenever they saw them. It's funny I didn't notice them before I took the tour, and now see them on roads I frequent all the time.
There are also these historical markers along the route. I believe there are 12 of them and we saw I think 5 of them on the route we took. 
Below is a pic of the New Mercer Oak at the Princeton Battlefield. George Washington's Army defeated the British on this battlefield, one of the few early victories for Americans.
Some columns at the battlefield.
This marks the end of the tour we took. I only highlighted some of the sites we saw but again, I suggest you download and take a look at the pdf of the Self Guided tour to the Battles of Trenton and Princeton on the Hidden Trenton website. It is very detailed and has pretty much everything you need to know about the battles and even exact locations where things took place. Lot of historical information and background is provided. 

It's pretty amazing to think back that a long time ago men were marching and fighting for our country so close to where I live. Now when I pass the victory trail signs I can't help but think about those men that fought for their freedom from the British. It is so cool to know about the history that has taken place so close to home.


  1. This is very cool. They Caveman is a history buff as well and he'd love this. How great it's so close to you!

  2. Thanks Marcia! It is pretty awesome! Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for the cool history tour! You always take really great pictures by the way. I can imagine it would be really cool to know how near to you are to all these historical moments. Your kids will be history buffs like your husband for sure!

  4. That is cool that you live in area so full of American History! Great pics!

  5. I am a history nerd so I find this really cool.

  6. Thanks Diane! It is really cool to know the history around here!

  7. Awesome Abby! It was fun to learn so much about the history here.

  8. I absolutely love history, taking hikes or trails like this is right up my alley! I absolutely love to learn about the past, and I do the same thing as I hike trails like this and envision what it was like back in those times. Reminds me of all the sacrifices made to create this incredible country and how despite the media and how people are now days, it's important not to forget all the those sacrifices which are the reason we have what we have today!

  9. Thanks Kristy! It is pretty awesome learning about the history so close to me. I also like to think back and envision what it was like back then. It's pretty crazy thinking how hard it must have been. You're so right, it is very important to remember all the sacrifices made that have gotten us to where we are today!