Friday, September 18, 2015

5 Reasons Why American Ninja Warrior is Great for Kids

Recently we visited the Stratosphere Trampoline Park in Hainsport, NJ. Though they really enjoyed the jump time on the trampolines, the main reason we visited was because we knew there was an American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course there. I found out about it when a friend on Facebook posted a video of her kids doing the course (thanks Dana!). I also saw it on Groupon which made for a great deal and an even better reason to visit.

The first thing the kiddos did when we got to the trampoline park was jump on the trampolines. They had an hour of jump time so we did that first (only because the clock was ticking once we checked in). It was great because they had three different areas of jumping. They had a jumping into foam blocks area, a dodgeball area, and a plain jumping area seen below. The kiddos had a great time! Jumping is such a great workout!
I think the kiddos, especially my 6 year old was happy when their hour of jump time was over, just so they could try out the obstacle course. They were very excited. I have mentioned before that my kids love the show, American Ninja Warrior. Yes, they do watch and it is usually after the show airs when they can see a whole episode. They are always excited when it is available OnDemand through our cable provider. 

The obstacle course was geared for kids of all ages but this place leaned towards older kids. My 4 year old still had fun but Hubby had to help in some spots.
My 6 year old was able to do more on his own but he still had difficulty in some areas and both were unable to get up the warped wall. They both still had a great time. Not completing it fully gives them something to strive for in the future!
It has been fun to see the effect of the show on my kids. Here are 5 reasons why American Ninja Warrior is great for kids:

1. It's active, it's exercise. I love that it promotes being in shape. If you have seen the show, the obstacles are no joke. Lots of arm strength, balance, and speed are incorporated.

2. The playground is never boring. The kiddos always come up with their own ninja warrior course on the playground.

3. Your house becomes an obstacle course. It's a fun active activity indoors, just make sure you are involved and watching. 
4. It has great role models. My 6 year old likes to see how strong people are and how far they can go. His favorites are Kevin Bull and Kacy Catanzaro. They have yet to see the final episode and who makes it up Mt. Midoriyama.

5. It's fun. The kiddos have a blast pretending they are ninja warriors and are on the show. I can tell just by the smiles they have when they are playing.

There you have it, why I think American Ninja Warrior is great for kids. Mainly, I like how it promotes being active and in shape. It gives kids something to strive for. The ethic of working hard and not giving up. We'll see how long my kids will be interested in the show. So far it looks like it will be a favorite of theirs for a while.

Have you seen the show?

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