Friday, November 4, 2016

Fun Times at Treetop Adventure Park - Granlibakken Resort

Treetop Adventure Park - Granlibakken Resort
When Hubby had his conference at Granlibakken Resort for work at the end of September the whole fam tagged along over the weekend. It was a great time since it is right by Lake Tahoe. The closest town is Tahoe City where we had time to explore the lake. However our favorite part of the weekend was checking out the Treetop Adventure Park.

The Treetop Adventure Park is a zipline and ropes course. The whole family was excited about going on the course, me especially since I had never experienced a ropes course yet alone zip lining so this was very interesting for me. We made reservations online on their website. The price for ages 5-12 is $40 and 12+ is $50. Seems a bit steep but it's actually not bad considering you are there for 2.5 hours and it is definitely worth it. We reserved the 1:45pm time slot and were there until closing time on the course which was more than enough time for us 
Treetop Adventure Park - Granlibakken Resort
The first thing we did was check in. We signed waivers and then they fitted us with harnesses and gave us helmets. They told us the rules and then we were allowed on the course. They did a great job of explaining how to latch on. There are two different areas at the park, the Flying Squirrel Courses for beginners and kids 5+, or the Monkey Courses for older kids, adult beginner and participants had to be 4’8″ (56 inches) tall. We went with the Flying Squirrel Courses since we all were beginners and the boys weren't tall enough for the other course anyway.
Treetop Adventure Park - Granlibakken Resort
There are three different courses for Flying Squirrels. You can think of it like skiing or snowboarding where there is a green course, blue course, and black course. Green is the easiest and has 8 different obstacles and you are about 8-10 feet off the ground. I was actually a bit freaked out at first because you are above the ground walking on spaced out planks of wood, and at a part where there was nowhere to hold I did not realize you could hold on to the rope you are attached to. That is the thing. You are actually strapped in the whole time. Once I realized that it was ok to hold onto the rope that you are attached to, I relaxed more and started to really enjoy it. 
Treetop Adventure Park - Granlibakken Resort
The blue course is next and includes two zip lines. Trying the zip line for the first time was also at first frightening. The hardest part for me was letting go and getting off the platform. Once I did let go, the feeling of being free and just smooth sailing was the best.
The black is the most advanced course and has three zip lines. The bridges and platforms are a lot higher (over 40 feet in the air). I thought the black course was the funnest because of the zip lines. I quickly realized that the zip lines were my favorite parts of the whole adventure park therefore I enjoyed the black course the most and kept doing it over and over again. :)
The kiddos had a blast as well. They both did great from the start and it was not long before they were zip lining upside down. :)
Treetop Adventure Park - Granlibakken Resort
7 year old ziplining upside down
5 year old zip lining upside down.

I did not quite get to zip lining upside down, but the zip lines by far were to me the best part of the park!

Overall, I really enjoyed the Treetop Adventure Park. I was really glad that we tried it out. It can be pretty scary at first but I am glad that I overcame my initial fears and ended up having a blast. I felt safe and knew that I was in good hands. There are employees watching you at the bottom so if you are stuck or in any type of trouble, they were there to help. I am a big fan of the zip lines since they were so much fun! I would definitely go back and maybe once the kiddos are of height we will try out the Monkey Courses!

Have you ever tried a ropes course or zip lined? If not, would you try it?

Have a great weekend!

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