Thursday, January 19, 2017

Take Anywhere With You - Adirondack Micro Chair Review

Adirondack Micro Chair Review
I was provided the opportunity to receive this product without charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Sometimes you just need a chair or comfortable place to sit. Whether it be at the park, at a soccer game, or even on a hike, when I was contacted about reviewing the Adirondack Micro chair I could not resist. I liked the look and could always use a chair for our many outdoor adventures.

I was pretty excited when I received it in the mail. I liked how it was fairly small and in this cute orange sack.
Adirondack Micro Chair sack
This is what it looks like after taking it out of the sack. It was nicely folded. There were no instructions included but it was pretty easy to figure out. 
Adirondack Micro Chair
You just unfold, then snap it so the hole fits the metal circle and voila, you've got a cute chair. It can be difficult to snap at first but I found that if you hold the two bottom legs and bring them in, it is easier to snap it together. Or put it on it's side and push down.
 This is what the chair looks like put together. 
Adirondack Micro Chair
At first I wasn't sure how to collapse it to fold back into the bag but then figured out that it is easiest to push down on the legs (just like how you put it together) and it helps free the metal snap. Very easy once you know how to unsnap it. :)
Overall, I think it is a pretty neat chair. I like that it is small and compact. The frame is aluminum so it is fairly lightweight. It weighs about 1.1 pounds. It is also sturdy. I feel very comfortable sitting in it. I enjoyed sitting in the chair while Hubby and the kiddos were playing at the park. I think it may be ok for backpacking but I would have to test that out in the future. It would definitely be great for camping and even watching the kiddos soccer games when they start back up in the spring. 
Sitting on Adirondack Micro Chair
It can also be used as a kids chair. My 5 year old loves it and wants it as his computer chair. :p
It is priced at $59.00 which is very reasonable for a chair that is well made, light, and compact. For more information and different color options, you can check the chair out here

Have a great day!

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