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Davis Stampede 10K Race Recap 2/12/17

Davis Stampede 10K Race Recap 2/12/17
My first race of 2017 was the Davis Stampede 10K. I had done the race last year, but I remember being sick and was unable to really race it. This year, I again didn't actually "race" it since I didn't go all out but it was a good scheduled training run. Coach Dawn set the paces and I pretty much followed them. It was also a fun run because I got to run with my running buddy Elizabeth

PACKET PICKUP: Shirt and bib pickup were at Fit House Davis. You had the option of going the day before the race or picking it up morning of. I opted to go the day before since it's not far and it was a quick pick-up anyway. They were located in the parking lot so it was an easy grab and go.
Here's the shirt. 
RACE DAY: The race started at 8:00am. Coach Dawn wanted me to do a 1.5-2 mile warm up and since I knew the start was less than two miles from my house, I met up with Elizabeth around 7:35am and we ran to the start. Our warm up ended up being about 1.7 miles and took us under 20 minutes to get there. We had time for a nice pre-race pic at the start line.
Davis Stampede 10K pre-race start line pic
And of course a selfie while waiting for the race to start.
We didn't have to wait too long before we were off and running. Coach's workout plan had me at 8:45-9 pace for the first 4 miles and then the last 2.2 at 8:30-40.
Davis Stampede 10K Race
The course was different from last year in that the start was at Playfields Park this year and last year we started in Downtown Davis. I didn't mind the course change because it was easier for me to get to. It was fun running in familiar territory since a lot of my training runs are on some of these trails.
Davis Stampede 10K Race
I felt great. My first mile was at 8:44/mi. It was so fun having Elizabeth running with me too. I managed this selfie mid-run. :)
Mile 2 was at 8:43/mi. There are two "hills" on the course and both hills are overpasses. This is the first overpass at mile 3. My pace for mile 3 was 8:33. A bit speedy but I was feeling pretty good.
Davis Stampede mile 3
The volunteers did a good job of letting us know which way we were supposed to go since the Stampede run also has a half marathon and 5K course. There a couple of junctions that I remember where us 10K runners had to go a different route from the half marathon and 5K runners. I didn't have a problem but later in the run I ran into half marathon runners that looked confused and seemed lost. My pace for mile 4 was 8:38/mi.
Davis Stampede 10K / half marathon junction
I was still feeling pretty strong. During mile 5 was where I had to hit the 8:30-40 pace and kicked it up a notch. This mile was also where we hit the second "hill" or overpass. After the overpass, there was only about 1.5 to go. My mile 5 pace was 8:31/mi.
Davis Stampede 10K run
I kept at it and tried to maintain a steady pace but not go too fast. Mile 6 was at 8:28/mi. When I knew I was getting close, I just got excited and the last .2 was at 8:05/mi. My watch stopped there but the race wasn't done and I forgot to resume my workout on my watch, but my time ended up being 53:31 which comes out to 8:37/mi overall pace. Not bad for a training run! 
It was awesome that I managed 3rd place in my age group. I was pretty surprised and excited about that. Here's me and Elizabeth taking a silly finish line pic. :) Elizabeth also did awesome especially since it was her first race coming back from an injury.
Davis Stampede silly finish pic
It was pretty nice that this year they gave everyone a medal. Normally you got a free medal only if you did the half marathon, and other runners had to pay $5 if you wanted a medal. Everyone getting a medal was a nice touch and great surprise. Below is a pic of the medal and also my age group award medal.
Davis Stampede 10K & AG award medals
At the finish area, there was the usual water, bananas, bagels, bars. I just stuck with a banana since I wasn't too hungry. Overall, it was a great race and the Stampede is a race I would do each year especially since it's local. It is so easy to get to that I can't resist. Next up for me is the Davis Lucky Run 10 miler on 3/4. I'm looking forward to another good training run! 

Happy running!

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