Sunday, March 5, 2017

American River Parkway Half Marathon Training Week 8: 2/27-3/5

Last week was a great week! Got all my workouts in and ran a race on Saturday, the Davis Lucky Run 10 mile race and it went really well! The weekend was a busy one and I'm happy to say that Hubby is feeling a lot better. Maybe we will get in an outdoor adventure with him next weekend.

Here's a recap of last week's workouts following Coach Dawn's plan:

Monday 2/27 -
Scheduled: Cross Train + 3 miles recovery pace
Actual: 3 miles @ recovery pace and strength training workout at home.
Tuesday 2/28 -
Scheduled: 10 min w/u, 2x10 min. tempo- pace 8-8:10 w/ 2 min. recovery in between, then 2 miles easy
Actual: 10 min w/u, 2x10 min tempo pace - My paces first 10 min were: at mile 1 8:01, .25 mile 8:04, second 10 min was 8:07 at mile 1 and 8:14 at .23 mile w/ 2 min. recovery in between then 2 miles easy.
Wednesday 3/1 -
Scheduled: Rest, or 20-30 min recovery run
Actual: 30 min easy run with a friend.
Thursday 3/2 -
Scheduled: Cross train or off
Actual: Workout w/ friends on the courts. Worked on arms and core.
Friday 3/3 -
Scheduled: Recovery pace 3-4 miles with 2-3 short pickups (not full strides)
Actual: 3.5 mile easy run with a friend and totally forgot about the 2-3 short pickups.
Saturday 3/4 -
Scheduled: 10 mile race, first 4 miles @ 8:55-9:10 min/mile then 6 miles @ 8:40-8:50
Actual: Davis Lucky Run 10 mile race. It was a great run! My splits were (8:45, 8:48, 8:49, 8:45, 8:40, 8:30, 8:34, 8:24, 8:35, 8:28). Lookout for a full recap on the blog later this week!
Sunday 3/5 -
Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest

Some exciting news from the week, I found out that I am back on the Rock'n'Blog team for 2017. I'm so excited and honored to be back. I had a blast at the races last year and I'm excited to run in some again this year. So far I've got RnR San Francisco and RnR San Jose on my plan. I would love to add another but I can't say for sure which one as it depends on Hubby's schedule.  
RocknBlog Team 2017
I ran 119 miles in February! It was a short month and I'm happy with the miles. Looking forward to seeing what March brings!
If you are looking for an awesome Trucker Hat, check out my blog post here as I've got a giveaway going on. One lucky ready will win any one of Alpine Dam's trucker hats. The giveaway ends 3/8 at midnight so you have a couple days to enter if you haven't already. Check it out here.
As to the weekend, it was a busy one. Friday night was fun because I learned how to make Chinese dumplings. It takes time to make but the finished product is so yummy! The friend that showed me and another mom how to make it is so good that she doesn't even need a recipe. I don't think I can make it just yet but I am planning to see if I can once she writes down an estimate of how much of each ingredient she uses. I am so by the book when it comes to recipes. :p
After the dumplings, we took the kids ice skating. They had a blast.
Saturday morning was the race and it went really well! I hit my training plan paces, even went faster than prescribed and felt good. I even ended up with first place in my age group. :) Race recap will be up later this week!
After the run, it was straight to lil C's basketball game. He did great!
Lil P did great too! It was their last games of the season and I'm so proud of them. It was a good season for both and I am looking forward to having the weekends free again, at least for a while. Next up is soccer for the spring and games will be on Fridays with some occasionally on Saturday or Sunday, so we will see how it goes once the schedule is out.
Sunday was another busy day. In the morning we planned to do a hike with friends at Lagoon Valley in Vacaville (about a 25 minute drive from us) , but it was cut short due to a sudden hail storm shortly after we started. Hiking isn't fun when it's windy and the hail pelts you in the face so we headed back to the car maybe 15 minutes after we started. 
We hung out in the car for a bit and had snacks but the kids no longer wanted to hike. The weather was better but we were soaked, however the boys did have fun scaring some geese away for a bit before we headed back to Davis.
We did attempt to play baseball at the park shortly after getting back home but the weather seemed to not want us to play outside as it started raining again. Seems our timing was off because maybe an hour later it was sunny again but we had more plans in our afternoon. Lil P had his Pinewood Derby car races for Cub Scouts. His car did ok and got 4th in his den. Not bad for a first time.
Then it was off to Lil P's friends birthday party at the local gymnastics gym. He had a blast! I am even thinking about putting him in a class each week because he seems to like it a lot.
That pretty much sums up my week! Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. 
Have a great week!

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