Tuesday, November 14, 2017

CIM Marathon Training Week 16 & Weekly Wrap: 11/6-11/12

CIM training week 16 is done! It was another good week with all of my scheduled runs completed. I did have to move my long run around with Hubby away for work but I got it in! I recapped my run at the Run The Parkway 20 miler and you can check out my post here.

Here's a recap of what I did last week following Coach Dawn's plan:

Monday 11/6 -
Scheduled: Rest day
Actual: Rest day
Tuesday 11/7 -
Scheduled: Easy 4-5 miles
Actual: 5 miles
Wednesday 11/8 -
Scheduled: 15 minutes easy, Ladder- rest ratio equal to interval In minutes-
1-2-3-2-1-2, Paces- 7:25-7:55 as a guide, but just run the intervals pretty hard
10 minutes easy

Actual: 15 minutes easy, ladder - I ended up doing the interval paces at (7:21, 7:13, 7:24, 7:15, 7:04, & 7:09), then 10 minutes easy! So I hit my paces and went faster than called for but I felt good! Also got in a cross training workout with the girls.
Thursday 11/9 -
Scheduled: Easy 4, then 3 miles moderate. Just pick up the pace- not hard, not easy.
Actual: Easy 4 with a friend then 3 miles moderate.
Friday 11/10 -
Scheduled: Long run. Pace- 9:05-9:15 + Last mile, increase the effort to a pretty hard pace. 
Actual: I ended up running faster paces per mile ranging from 8:45-9:01 and my last mile being 7:29! I was feeling really good and couldn’t help it plus I really wanted to get the run over with. I had to do it after work and I’m not normally an afternoon runner so I’m really happy with how the run went!
Saturday 11/11 -
Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest
Sunday 11/12 -
Scheduled: 5-6 easy miles if you can get it in. If not, as much as you can. 4 x strides after 2 miles 
Actual: 5 miles with 4 strides while the boys biked.

As to the weekend, me and Hubby ended up with an impromptu date night as the boys were invited to a friends house for a few hours. It was perfect timing since we have not had a date night in a long while. We ended up going to Winters. Hubby managed to get reservations at Preserve, but to pass some time before our reservations, we went to Turkovich Wines for a tasting. 
The wine was good and we even got a cheese plate. It was also nice because there was a guitarist providing some cool entertainment. 
After finishing our wine and cheese plate, we headed over to Preserve for dinner. We shared a burger and the shrimp and grits plate. I really liked the shrimp and grits. So yummy!
Love date nights with Hubby! :)
 When we got back to the kiddos they were having a blast at their friends house.
Saturday was a chill day with the kiddos. We did a lil shopping and not much else exciting. With Hubby away we didn't do much. Sunday, I had to get a run in so I had the boys join me while they biked. My 6 year old had some problems at first but once I said we could stop at a playground he was better.
 I got my 5 mile run in so I was happy, plus it was good outdoor time with the boys. :) 

That pretty much sums up my week! Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. 
Have a great week!

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