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Davis Lucky Run 10K Race Recap 3/24/18

Davis Lucky Run 10K Race Recap 3/24/18
A little over a week ago I ran the Davis Lucky Run 10K and it turned out to be an awesome run for me. I ran the race last year but did the 10 miler. This year they did not offer the 10 mile race but only the 5K or 10K. I opted for the 10K since I knew I had it in me to possibly PR having done Shamrock'n two weeks prior. I knew I had the endurance but wasn't sure about the speed. Another special thing about this race, it was also a big birthday for me, the big 4-0.

RACE DAY: There was no packet pickup before the race, everyone was to pick up their shirt and bib morning of which I did not mind. With it being a local race starting at Davis High School, it was really nice to not have to worry about logistics much. The 10K race was to start right after the 5K at 8am. I got to the start area around 7:30am thinking it may take a while for me to pick up my bib and shirt, but I was wrong. No lines, the perk of a small local race so I ended up with lots of time to spare. Last year I was able to stay warm in the car.  However this year, Hubby and the boys dropped me off while they quickly got breakfast and then went off to a spot to cheer me on mid-course.
Davis Lucky Run race day bib pickup
 Here is a pic of the shirt we got. Not a bad design. 
Davis Lucky Run 2018 shirt
It was a bit cool that morning, around 43 degrees, so I walked around to warm up. I realized I had to go to the bathroom one more time before the start. There were only a few porta potties so there was a long line. I probably waited in line 10 minutes before it was my turn. It turned out ok and I had some time to spare to drop by gear check, to check in my shirt so I didn't have to hold on to it, along with a hoodie I was wearing.
Davis Lucky Run gear check
Below is the start line. The 5K runners lined up in front of us and started a little after 8am. We moved up after them and my Garmin has us crossing the start line at 8:06am.
Davis Lucky Run start line
I felt really good from the start. My goal was just to PR. My PR for the 10K was 52:51 from the Trenton 10k back in 2015 (I haven't raced a 10K in a long while) so I was hoping for something sub 52. I knew I should run about an 8:22 pace to get that. Feeling good from the start, my first mile came in at 8:16. Even with that time, I slowed myself down knowing I should save some energy for later.
Davis Lucky Run 10K
I was sorta familiar with the course having run the 10 miler last year. I remember I really enjoyed the trail part near N. Davis Farms Rd.
Lucky Run 10K course map
Davis Lucky Run 10K
Davis Lucky Run 10K
The route is labeled really well, especially the junctions. Thanks always to the volunteers that help guide us in the right direction and for cheering us on!
Davis Lucky Run 10K junction with 5K
Mile 2 came in at 8:10 pace and I was still feeling good. I just tried to keep a good steady consistent pace. I was so glad the trail part wasn't muddy from the rainy days earlier in the week.
Davis Lucky Run 10K trail part
 Mile 3 came in at 8:09 pace and I was still feeling strong.
Davis Lucky Run 10K mile 3
I'm always happy when I see Hubby and the boys on the course. I saw them just before mile 4 and was keeping my pace. I came in at 8:08 pace right at mile 4. 
Miles 5 and 6 came in at 8:07 pace with the last .2 at 7:05 pace. I think this is the first race I've ran negative splits (least close enough)! 
I think seeing Hubby and the boys again towards the end before turning a corner to the finish line helped me lots. I sprinted and gave it my all to the finish. I was very happy to see that I got well below 52 minutes to PR at 50:19.79! 
Davis Lucky Run 10K finish
Not only did I get a PR but I managed 1st in my new age group! :) Great thing about small races, is the possibility of placing in my age group because not many show up. It all depends on who goes on race day. 

From what I saw, there was a good assortment of post race refreshments: bagels with cream cheese, bananas, oranges, and Larabars.

Davis Lucky Run 10K post race snacks
This race is a great local race that is organized and put on well. This year it turned out to be the best way to start my 40's. I'll be back next year if the date works. :)
Davis Lucky Run 10K medals
 Happy running!

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