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Turkey Trot on the Ranch 5K Race Recap 11/22/18

Turkey Trot on the Ranch 5K Race Recap 11/22/18
I ran the Turkey Trot on the Ranch 5K in Rancho Mission Viejo, on Thanksgiving day with my 9 year old son and my 11 year old nephew and it was a great race! I'm so glad my sister-in-law mentioned there was a 5k on Thanksgiving and that both boys were up for it because we all ended up with PR's. :)

We picked up our bibs and shirts race day morning at Sendero Field. The 5K started at 8:30am but since we had to pick up our bibs we got there early. Almost an hour beforehand so it was a quick pickup as no one was really there (it was a first time for all of us and we weren't sure how big the race would be). This turned out to be a pretty small race. This 5K was different from most 5K's I've done as it was a point to point race. So where we picked up our bibs was the finish area and they had a shuttle to take runners to the start. The event also offered a 10K that started at 7:00am so we saw the finish clock already running while we were there. We opted to not take the shuttle as my sister-in-law, Hubby, and my youngest son were going to wait for us at the finish, so she drove us to the start. 

We had lots of time before the race so we took some pics at the start area.
Here's one with a turkey. 
We did some dynamic warm up exercises, jogged a little and finally it was about time to start. There was someone that sang the Star Spangled Banner and then we were off. The race started late as we were off and running at 8:36am. The weather was perfect for running. We were happy to hear that the race was mostly downhill. I had a feeling this was going to be a good run. My 9 year old had not done a race for about 2 years so I was excited to see what he could do.

He was pretty excited as we started out. There was a good turnout as you can see from the pic below. After starting we ran for a bit and did a U-turn. If you look closely you can see the start line.
Turkey trot on the Ranch 5K
Turkey trot on the Ranch 5K
This race was all about my son, so I just let him pace us. We were letting the downhill take us. My nephew was long gone as he started out in front. Our first mile was fast! According to my Garmin we came in at 7:36. I warned my son that we need to slow down a bit to save some energy for the end, but he said he was feeling good.
Turkey trot on the Ranch 5K
The second mile got slower as we did come across some hills. This is where my son had troubles and the pace slowed but he was still doing great. Mile 2 came in at 7:55. In the third mile he tried to keep a steady pace but yet another hill came in right before mile 3.
Turkey trot on the Ranch 5K
However, it was nice  to have a downhill to the finish. Mile 3 came in at 8:33. So proud of my lil guy. He ran his fastest 5K and I also got a PR with a time of 24:24!
The finish!
Our results.
Here's a chart of elevation from my Garmin. Check out that downhill.
I was so happy that he did so well, especially after having not run a 5K race in a long while. My nephew did amazing as well, getting a sub 20 time. He ended up with 3rd place overall! He got another medal and won a pumpkin pie!
A finish pic with the turkey.
And of course the bling. This was a great race! Love that the course was downhill and fast. Definitely a great course for a PR! It was great to get this run in on Thanksgiving morning especially before we were to eat some yummy food later in the day. :)
Turkey trot on the ranch 5K medal 2018
Happy running!

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