Friday, October 21, 2016

Light Your Run with Knuckle Lights - Review

Light Your Run with Knuckle Lights - Review
I was provided the opportunity to receive this product without charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Sometimes running in the early mornings is a must for me. At times it is the only way I can get in my run in for the day or it's the only time some of my running friends can go. We tend to go around 5:15am at the earliest and at that time it is pretty dark. I'm not a fan of headlamps since I have tried using them and I ended up with a headache. I have been in search for some sort of light source when running in the morning, so when I was given the opportunity to try out Knuckle Lights I was excited to test them out.

The package comes with two units, a charging base, USB cable, and wall adapter. I really like that the set is rechargeable. It saves on having to buy batteries and it is more convenient.
Knuckle Lights
Charging is very easy. Just place them on the charging base. The lights start out red when charging and when fully charged the lights turn green.
Knuckle Lights charger
The units are designed to be worn on the front of your hands. The strap is easy to adjust so they go around your fingers and the light is across your knuckles. 
Knuckle Lights
I really like that the lights are comfortable to use when running. They light my path really well in the dark so it is easy to see where I am going. The lights bring a total of 280 lumens which is very bright. I have even at times just used one light and it still works really well to lighten my path.
Knuckle Lights on the run

Another great thing about these lights is that they are waterproof. So even when it is raining you don't have to worry about them getting wet and not working anymore. They can be used in any type of weather and will not leak or fail.

These lights have been a great thing to have on my morning runs. They make me feel safer especially since I know I can be seen easily when using them. You can check the lights out here. They retail for $59.99 which is not bad especially since they are rechargeable. These lights are definitely something I recommend if you need a light source for running. 

Have a great weekend and happy running!

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