Monday, October 24, 2016

Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon Training 10/17-10/23

It's been a good week of running since the marathon! I know some take more rest after a full marathon, but since I've been feeling good I went with more runs this week. I didn't want to take too much of a break with Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas coming up next month. Only about 3 weeks away before I do the remix challenge and I'm very excited! I can't wait to run the strip at night! I'm not really following a strict half marathon schedule, kinda just winging it so we'll see how that fares.

Here's a recap of last week's workouts:

Monday 10/17 - Rest
Tuesday 10/18 - 5 miles (1 mile w/u, 3 miles at (8:37, 8:25, 8:14), 1 mile c/d)
Wednesday 10/19 - 3 miles
Thursday 10/20 - 5.41 miles with a friend. Turns out her workout was similar to my Monday's workout but I went with it anyway. It's so nice to run with a friend that pushes me. Mile splits were (8:33, 8:11, 8:05, 8:15, 8:40, .4 at 8:57).
After the run, I met up with some moms from the kiddo's school to get in another workout - strength training & core. She had a great setup at the basketball courts at the park. It was so nice to do some actual cross training. I'm looking forward to doing this every Thursday.
Friday 10/21 - Rest
Saturday 10/22 - 8.7 mile run with friends
Sunday 10/23 - 4 miles with 7 year old.
The weekend was good. Saturday morning started out with my long run with friends. We got up early but it was worth it with the beautiful sunrise and it is just fun running with them. 
The kiddos had their soccer games on Saturday and they were fun to watch.
It was especially fun to watch 7 year old's game since it was such a close one. So proud that he scored the last goal to tie the game 2-2.
It was a big night for Hubby since the Cub's won the NLCS!! He's a big Cubs fan, well anything Chicago fan. :) The kiddos were happy that they won too!
Sunday morning started out with a run with 7 year old. He had been wanting to run with me but I had to always say no with marathon training, but now that it's over, I was happy to run with him. His goal was to run 4 miles with me and he did it! I was so proud of him especially since he ran it faster than expected. I have a feeling he will be faster than me in no time! 
In the afternoon, we went to a birthday party at the pumpkin patch. The kiddos had so much fun. They enjoyed the petting zoo.
The kids had a blast jumping around the hay bale maze.
They each picked a pumpkin.
And of course enjoyed celebrating with friends.
That pretty much sums up my week. Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. 
Have a great week!

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