Thursday, April 13, 2017

Trail Running at Runyon Canyon

Trail Running at Runyon Canyon
While in the Los Angeles area during the kiddos Spring Break, me and my sister wanted to get a run in and we didn't feel the streets around our hotel were very safe especially if we went early in the morning. I turned to the Rungo App for some route suggestions and found that Runyon Canyon wasn't far from where we were at. I did a little research on the place online and read good things, so we decided to check it out. We definitely weren't disappointed. The views we got were amazing!

The closest entrance from our hotel to Runyon Canyon was the North Entrance off of Mulholland Drive. We got there around 7am and I think there were only 2 cars in the lot when we arrived so it was very easy for us to park in the small parking area. I don't recall restrooms so plan ahead of time if you need to use facilities.

Even though we did not start at the same place as the route I found on the Rungo App I knew it would give me turn by turn directions and connect us to the route that was created (I'm an ambassador for Rungo however I'm not required to write about it.) I just really like the app and want to share since it is great for traveling. I wasn't quite sure where to go so I just took the trail up and when there was a fork I went with what I thought was the correct way but right away it said I was off route. However, I went ahead and checked it out because it looked like a high point. Boy were we glad we checked it out because it looked like the summit of the trail. What amazing views!
Runyon Canyon views.I love the morning light!
Running at Runyon Canyon
Running at Runyon Canyon
After checking out the views. We headed back to the fork in the trail and went down to connect back to the route on Rungo. We found ourselves running down lots of the trail.
Running at Runyon Canyon
 We did get to a nice climb.
Running at Runyon Canyon
And found ourselves at another cool viewpoint area. Another place to stop and admire the views of Los Angeles.
Then it was back to more downhill. At times I had to be careful due to the steepness. Here's a cool shot I got of my sister. :)
 Check out the views on the way down! They were breathtaking!!
Runyon Canyon views
I did catch some sunflowers on the run. Here you can see that you need to be careful of where you step.
After going down, we new there would be ups. The climb up was tough. It was long and tough but we got it done. This part of the trail is actually a road.
The loop is about 2.8 miles and then we headed back up to the first summit to make our run to 3 miles and to take in the views again. It was an awesome run!
Runyon Canyon with Rungo
Here is an idea of the elevation of our route. 
Runyon Canyon elevation
The route we took.
Runyon Canyon route
Overall it was an amazing run! So glad that I used the Rungo App because it kept me on route and in the correct direction. This trail is one I would totally do when we visit the L.A area again. I read that the Runyon Canyon is popular and I am so glad we went when we did because when we got back to our cars, the lot was full. We didn't have trouble with crowds but going early has to do with that. The views with the sun coming up are so beautiful. Be prepared for a steep climb and descent in parts or the route. This would also make a for a great hike if you aren't into running it. 


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