Monday, August 14, 2017

CIM Marathon Training Week 3 & Weekly Wrap: 8/7-8/13

Week 3 of CIM marathon training is in the books and it was a decent one. I got in all my scheduled runs but unfortunately no workouts with the girls due to the boys soccer camp all week. Also no long run this week due to our fun adventure in Lassen Volcanic National Park over the weekend!

Here's a recap of what I did last week following Coach Dawn's plan:

Monday 8/7 - 
Scheduled: 3-4 easy miles
Actual: 4 easy miles
Tuesday 8/8 -
Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest
Wednesday 8/9 -
Scheduled: 15 minutes easy, then 6 x 30 seconds fast/2 minutes easy, 10 minutes easy
Actual: 15 minutes easy, then 6x30 sec fast/2 minutes easy, 10 minutes easy for a total of 4.53 miles.
Thursday 8/10 -
Scheduled: 40 minutes easy pace plus core work
Actual: 40 minutes easy plus core work.
Friday 8/11 -
Scheduled: Easy 1.5 miles, 6 x 1 minute moderate pace/2 minutes easy, 1.5- 2 miles easy
Moderate pace- not fast, but not easy. Effort level around a 6-7/10
Actual: Easy 1.5 miles, 6x1 min. moderate pace/2 minutes easy, 1.5 miles easy.
Saturday 8/12 -
Scheduled: Cross Training (get in a 30 minute run over the weekend)
Actual: 30 minute run before heading to Lassen Volcanic National Park and 2.8 mile hike with the fam to Paradise Meadow.
Sunday 8/13 -
Scheduled: Cross Training
Actual: Hike up Mt. Lassen with the fam. 5.58 miles total with 1998 ft. elevation gain.

The weekend started out with my short 30 minute run before heading to Lassen Volcanic National Park.
The drive to Lassen is about 3 hours from Davis. We checked out the visitor center first and then headed to some view points before going on a hike to Paradise Meadow. Below is one of the view points we stopped at.
 We also stopped at Lake Helen where we got this great shot of Mt. Lassen.
While driving, Hubby spotted this bear! First time seeing a bear this close and we were in our car.
We hiked to Paradise Meadows. It was a 2.8 mile hike. Trip report coming once I get caught up with my other hiking posts. :p
After the hike, we set up camp at Manzanita Lake where we would be staying for two nights. Our first night we went to one of the presentations at the amphitheater about the history of the universe and afterwards we walked to an open area of the campground where they set up telescopes so we can see things like Saturn's ring and a set of binary stars. The telescopes where neat but what I enjoyed the most did not need the telescopes, and that was the shooting stars. We saw so many and some even went across the whole sky. I was amazed. We were lucky that our trip coincided with the park's Dark Sky Festival. 

Sunday, we hiked Mt. Lassen. It's an amazing hike and I will also have a trip report coming on the blog. Here are a few pics from our hike.
I'll end with a pic of us at our campsite. Our stay at Lassen Volcanic National Park was pretty awesome and I definitely recommend it. A part of the park, Bumpass Hell was closed so we will definitely be back to check that out in the future!
That pretty much sums up my week! Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. This week's new Guest Host for the Weekly Wrap is Michelle from Running With Attitude. Please be sure and check out her blog!
Have a great week!

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