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Bodega Bay Trail Hike 7/1/17

Bodega Head Trail Hike 7/1/17
Bodega Head trail hike was added to our day trip one weekend. Hubby had been wanting to visit Russian River Brewing Company  to check out their beer. He's a fan of Pliny and wanted to get some growlers to take home. It was actually neat to check out the town of Santa Rosa and have lunch there. Russian River is about halfway to the coast and we knew we wanted to check out the coast, so we decided on Bodega Bay. We saw the Bodega Head trail hike online and decided to check it out.

Directions to the trailhead can be mapped here. Without the stop in Santa Rosa, the drive is almost 2 hours from Davis. With the stop the whole trip is about 2 and a half hours. The parking lot is decent sized and there is a bathroom. At the parking lot you don't have to walk far to see the beautiful bluffs and waves crashing of the ocean below.
Ocean bluffs at Bodega Head trail
The only downside right away was the wind. It was really windy that day. I'm glad we brought the boy's hoodies and I had a long sleeve or it would have been cold.
 Here is a sign about the trail. It is a nice short hike with elevation change of 136ft.
Bodega Head Trail sign
 Along the trail is a memorial for those lost at sea.
Memorial at Bodega Bay Trail hike
Memorial at Bodega Bay Trail hike
Beautiful views! This was looking back to where we were. You can see here a trail going down to a sandy beach below.
Bluffs at Bodega Bay trail
 The trail.
Hiking Bodega Bay Trail
 I loved seeing these yellow flowers by the trail.
Flowers on Bodega Bay Trail
Hiking Bodega Bay trail
 The bluffs and the ocean are beautiful.
Hiking Bodega Bay trail
 There are some informational kiosks along the way that were interesting to read.
Informational kiosk on Bodega Bay trail
Seems we went at a great time as we hiked in this beautiful field of flowers on the way back to the car.
Field of flowers at Bodega Bay Trail
The loop hike we did was 2 miles as you can see below. our hike at Bodega Bay Trail hike
After the hike, the fun didn't end as from the parking lot, you can take some steps down to a nice beach area.
Steps down to the beach at Bodega Bay Trail
The kids had fun playing by the water. The hike and playing at the beach was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.
Beach at Bodega Bay trail hike
Overall, I'd say the hike was nice. Perfect short hike by the coast and it was great to relax and hang out at the sandy beach with hubby afterwards while the kiddos played. This beach hike was a nice change of scenery when you are used to hiking in the woods or mountains. :)

Happy hiking!

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