Sunday, October 1, 2017

CIM Marathon Training Week 10 & Weekly Wrap: 9/25-10/1

Week 10 of CIM Marathon Training is in the books. Another good week of great runs! It was busy with work and fun (my parents visited over the weekend). I didn't get any cross training workouts with the girls due to work so I miss them especially the battle ropes but it looks like I've got to cut down this week as well due to Rock and Roll San Jose coming up on Sunday! 

Here's a recap of what I did last week following Coach Dawn's plan:

Monday 9/25 -
Scheduled: Easy 40-45 minutes
Actual: Easy 40 minutes
Tuesday 9/26 -
Scheduled:1.5 miles easy, 3 x 1 mile tempo intervals w/2:30 rest. First 2 intervals- 8:30-40. Last interval- 8:15-25. 1.5-2 miles easy
Actual: 1.5 miles easy, 3 x 1 mile tempo intervals with 2:30 rest. My interval mile times were 8:34, 8:29, & 8:02 so I hit my paces and a bit faster than I should have the last one! Best thing was I felt strong the whole run! 
Wednesday 9/27 -
Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest
Thursday 9/28 -
Scheduled: Easy 2 miles. 8 x 1 min moderate-hard/1 min easy. Easy 2 miles
Actual: Easy 2 miles. 8 x 1 min. moderate hard/ 1 min. easy. Paces for the 1 min. Moderate/hard were 7:22, 7:26, 7:33, 6:44, 7:16, 7:14, 7:07, & 6:50! I wasn’t quite sure what moderate/hard was but I think i managed it well! I’d did try harder the last one! Came in with 6 miles total and felt great afterwards. 
Friday 9/29 -
Scheduled: 4-5 miles easy with 4x strides
Actual: 5 miles easy with 4 x strides. Got it in early morning with a friend.
Saturday 9/30 -
Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest
Sunday 10/1 -
Scheduled: Urban Cow Half Marathon - Keep first 3 miles easy, then 10 miles around 9:15-20, try not to go faster. You can throw in a few surges of 30 seconds fast running mixed in. 
Actual: I kept it easy the first 3 miles, then for the next 10 miles tried to keep it at 9:15 pace but it was actually hard to keep the slower pace during an actual race. I naturally kept wanting to go faster but I kept looking at my watch to slow my pace down. I figured I needed to listen to Coach Dawn's paces if I want to race Rock'n'Roll San Jose this weekend. I ended up running Urban Cow in 2:02:08 with an average pace of 9:19. 

Some highlights of the week:

Had a night out with some moms on Thursday. It was a fun night! :) Stayed out later than I thought which made it really hard to get up for a run in the morning. 
Saturday, 6 year old had his soccer game in the morning. It's always fun to watch his games.
Then Hubby and the boys went off to go camping with 8 year old's Cub Scout Den at Sonoma Raceway. Yes, they went camping at the race track. Their Den leader used to race cars and has connections so they got to camp out on one of the grass fields at the track. They also got to take a tour of the control tower and even got to sit in a race car. Seems they had a great time. Here are some pics that Hubby took on the trip.

I stuck around due to work, the race on Sunday, and my parents visiting. The Urban Cow Half marathon was on Sunday morning and it was a good training run for me. Look out for the recap hopefully this week on the blog!
Hubby and the boys got back Sunday mid-morning. The boys had a great time with hanging out with Lolo and Lola.
And that pretty much sums up my week! I have Rock'n'Roll San Jose coming up this weekend so I'm excited. I'm hoping to run it fast, so we'll see if I can manage a PR. Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. 
Have a great week!

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