Tuesday, December 5, 2017

CIM Training Week 19 & Weekly Wrap: 11/27-12/3

CIM training came to an end last week. 19 weeks of training for the California International Marathon (CIM) paid off! I ran the race on Sunday and came away with a pretty awesome PR! A little more on that later.

Here's a recap of what I did last week following Coach Dawn's plan leading up to CIM:

Monday 11/27 -
Scheduled: Rest day
Actual: Rest day
Tuesday 11/28 -
Scheduled: 2 miles easy, 4 miles 8:50-55 + add in a couple strides in the middle, 1 mile easy 
Actual: 2 miles easy, got the 4 miles at 8:51, 8:49, 8:48, & 8:50, 1 mile easy.
Wednesday 11/29 -
Scheduled: Light, active recovery - walk or bike
Actual: Short walk with the boys
Thursday 11/30 -
Scheduled: Easy 4 miles
Actual: Easy 4 miles with a friend.
I ended up with 158 miles for November! Highest mileage month this year for me. 
Friday 12/1 -
Scheduled: Easy 4 with 2-3 strides (15 sec. max)
Actual: Easy 4 with 3 strides with a friend.
Saturday 12/2 -
Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest
Sunday 12/3 - 
Scheduled: CIM!
Actual: CIM!

Some highlights of the week, on Thursday was the annual candlelight parade and Christmas tree lighting in Davis. It's a fun event that helps get the kids excited about the holidays.
On Saturday, my sister flew in from Oregon and we headed to the expo to pick up our bibs.
Sunday was of course the marathon, and what a tough race. More details and info will be in my upcoming race recap but to make things short, my calves cramped up in the last few miles and even with having to stop and walk a couple of times, I ended up with a 12 minute PR!!
After the race, we had to get a post race treat. :)
We also had yummy sushi for lunch.
My 8 year old had soccer practice so me and my sister took the that time to go for a nice recovery walk while Hubby played some soccer with 6 year old.
Had to get one last shot with my sister before she headed back to Oregon. All smiles in our CIM shirts with another marathon in the books! I'm hoping to do another one with her in 2018!
That pretty much sums up my week! Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. 
Have a great week!

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