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Reasons to Run Bay to Breakers 2018 & Discount Code

Reasons to Run Bay to Breakers 2018 & Discount Code
Bay to Breakers is one of my favorite races. Whenever I think back to the race it makes me smile. It's such a fun run. This year I have been lucky enough to be chosen as one of their ambassadors and have a discount code to share.

Why is the race one of my favorites?
It's one big celebration. There are thousands of runners, the streets are filled, and it's a big running party. There's bursts of music throughout the course and lots of spectators cheering along the route. It's energizing and fun with the entertainment along the way.
Many runners dress up. The costumes are creative and it is great checking out runners and their creativeness. The last two years I've ran, I've seen runners dressed as salmon running "up stream", which in this case is running from the finish to the start. Such a fun thing to see. Also, keep in mind there are some lacking any clothes too, which has been a tradition for years and makes it a one of a kind race.
photo credit: BaytoBreakers
The course is great. You start out not far from the Embarcadero in the city and head west and it finishes right by the ocean. It's not a flat course since there is also the challenging Hayes Hill which is about 2/3 mile long. I just remember it being a long huge hill but along the route on the side were lots of people partying and cheering us on. When you get to the top, you get a sense of accomplishment. I remember thinking yeah it's a tough hill but woohoo I conquered it!  

For me it's a great run to do with friends. Time and pace don't matter in this race. It's one of those races you just run or even walk and enjoy.  I've done this race the last 2 years, (ever since I moved to California) and have great memories with the friends I've ran it with. You can check out my recaps here and hereCrossing the finish line is always a great accomplishment especially when it's with good friends.
I'm hoping to cross this year's finish with more great memories. Maybe I will see you there. If you are itching to sign up, use Hanks-friend for a $5 discount code. It's not much but any type of savings helps. Feel free to sign up here. The earlier you sign up the more you save!

Have you ever ran Bay to Breakers? 

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