Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Shamrock'n Half Marathon Training Week 6: 2/5-2/11

It's been a good week of running! I got in all of my scheduled runs and even a little more because I felt like I needed to make up a few miles from Hubby being gone last week. I still need to work on some cross training, but I did get in a couple of good core workouts in. 

Here's a recap of what I did last week:

Monday 2/5 - With Hubby back I felt I needed to make up some miles from last week. 5 miles and some core. 
Tuesday 2/6 - Warm up and hill repeats with Fleet Feet training group for the Shamrock'n half marathon. It was great because it marked our halfway through training and we celebrated at a local brewery.
Wednesday 2/7 - 3 easy miles plus a core workout.
Thursday 2/8 - 45 minute run for a total of 4.7 miles.
Friday 2/9 - 4.25 early morning miles with a friend.
Saturday 2/10 - 9 miles with Fleet Feet training group.
Sunday 2/11- 2 miles with the fam.
As to the weekend, Saturday was a busy day of sports. After I got my 9 mile long run in I took my 6 year old to his basketball game. At the same time, Hubby took our 8 year old to his soccer game, so unfortunately I missed that game. However the game I went to was fun to watch. 6 year old did great and it seems like the team is improving each game. 
In the afternoon, 8 year old had his basketball game. It is always fun watching them in their games.
Sunday morning I enjoyed running with the fam! I was so happy that 6 year old agreed to go run with us since he usually bikes. He did great for his first 2 mile run in a long while. Hoping that he continues to want to run with us! I am really enjoying these Sunday morning runs with the fam before heading in to work.
After work, there was an outside of work celebration with the On running reps. It was my first time at Punch bowl Social and it's a really neat place for drinks, food, and fun!
This week is going to be a busy one and by the end of the week, me and Hubby will be out of the country! Yes, stay tuned to see where we are headed. If you follow me on Instagram be sure and check out my stories especially on Sunday! :) 

That pretty much sums up my week! Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and Taking the Long Way Home for their Weekly Wrap. 
Have a great week!

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