Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tunnel Light Marathon Training Week 3: 5/14-5/20

It's been another good week of marathon training! Got in all my scheduled runs and strength workouts. I did get a chance to post my trip report of our hike up Angel's Landing. If you haven't checked it out you can read about the amazing hike here. Highlight of the week was running Bay to Breakers over the weekend. It was a lot of fun!

Here's a recap of what I did following Coach Dawn's plan:

Monday 5/14 -
Scheduled: Easy to recovery pace: 4 miles
Actual: Easy 4 miles
Tuesday 5/15 -
Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest
Wednesday 5/16 -
Scheduled: 2 miles easy, Stop and do a quick stretch and then 4 x drills. Then 8 x 30 seconds fast w/2:30 in between- easy to moderate recovery. 2 miles easy. After a strength workout.
Actual: 2 miles easy, stopped to stretch and some drills, then 8x30 fast with 2:30 recovery in between. Got some fast running in the 30 seconds but it was challenging towards the end but I pulled through. 2 miles easy after and ended up with almost 7 miles for the day. I didn't get in the strength workout due to rushing back to get the kids ready for school.
Thursday 5/17 -
Scheduled: Easy 4-5
Actual: Easy 5 with a friend then made up the missed strength workout from yesterday after the run.
Friday 5/18 -
Scheduled: 7 miles (8:55-9:00) throw in a few strides in the middle to end and core video.
Actual: 7 miles with a few strides at an average pace of 8:53 and the core video.
Saturday 5/19 -
Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest
Sunday 5/20 -
Scheduled: Bay to Breakers
Actual: Bay to Breakers! :) Always a fun run!

The weekend was the best part of the week. Me and my friend Erin met up with our friend Lenora who was flying in from San Antonio. It was so nice to see her again so soon after running Zion. We checked into our hotel, the Hyatt on Emarcadero and after walked around to find a place for lunch. We ended up eating at a neat Irish place, the Irish Bank.
After lunch, we walked around the waterfront and just enjoyed chatting before Erin had to head back to Davis. 
After lunch, we met up with another friend, Callie and then headed to the Bay to Breakers expo where we did get a pic with ape Hashbury. :)
After the expo, we met up with more friends and friends of friends for dinner. It was a good time!
Sunday was of course the run and it was a blast! I was part of the unicorn squad which consisted of a few of us with unicorn squad shirts and a bunch in unicorn onesies. 
I'll have a recap of the run in the near future!
Got back home Sunday afternoon and still had some time to play some soccer with the kiddos. Thanks Hubby for taking care of the kids while I was gone!
That pretty much sums up my week! Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and Taking the Long Way Home for their Weekly Wrap. 
Have a great week!

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