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Davis Moonlight Run 5K with the Fam 7/13/19

Davis Moonlight Run 5K with the Fam
This post is long overdue but I wanted to get it done before I posted about my marathon (Tunnel Light) I did last weekend. In July, I ran the Davis Moonlight run with my 8 year old. The whole fam ran the 5k but Hubby and my other son ran ahead of us. It turned out to be a great night of running for the whole fam!

PACKET PICKUP: We were able to pick up our packets a couple of hours before the race start. It was fast and easy. 
Here's a shot of the shirt this year.
RACE: This was an evening race and started at 8:15pm. It was great that they pushed the time later because it wasn't as hot at that hour. Here's a pre race family shot. :)
The start line.
The boys with a friend, I think they are excited about the race.
The run started pretty much on time. My Garmin had us starting at 8:16pm and it was 82 degrees so still a bit warm but cooler than what it was during the day. My goal was just to stick with my 8 year old. It's been a while since he's ran a 5K. I believe the last one he ran was 3 years ago (Stride for Pride Aggie 5K) and his goal was to not stop. I wanted to help him achieve that goal. He started out strong. I remember telling him to not worry about his brother and just go at a steady pace in the beginning. Our first mile came in at 8:59/mi pace.
It was nice doing this local race because it was on our side of town and we knew the route. The route was well labeled. 
In the second mile, my 8 year old started to struggle. He said he was getting bored and he started to slow but I kept encouraging him. Mile 2 came in at 9:41/mi pace. At one point, I mentioned that he may place in his age group. I saw a kid close to his age a little ahead of us and said if he beat him, he has a good shot of placing. This boosted his spirits and it was like he was now on a mission. He picked up the pace.
Mile 3 came in at 8:59. We saw Hubby and 10 year old close to the finish, that made him go even faster. It was fun crossing the finish line with him! I was so proud of him because he met his goal of not stopping. He also got his best 5K time.
We finished at 28:18. This is my result. Running with him got me 2nd in my age group which was a nice surprise. He ended up getting 1st in his. He was so happy when he found out.
Here are all of our times. 8 year old got first in his AG and the rest of us got 2nd in our AG. Such a great night of running for the whole fam! :)
There were lots of goodies at the end. They had sno-cones.
There was lots of fruit, they had olive packets, and even jars of nut butter. There was also free beer for finishers.
 Our age group awards were these bottles. 
 Here's a shot of me and my 8 year old. I was so proud of him for not giving up.
Here are some videos Hubby took during the run.
One last shot of the whole fam! I'm proud of everyone! Hubby got his best 5K time and I love that everyone placed. Everyone was happy at the end, which makes it an awesome night of running.
The Davis Moonlight run 5K was a great run for us! Love these local Davis runs because they are small and so close to home. :)

Happy running!

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