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Stride for Aggie Pride 5K with the Fam Race Recap

Stride for Pride Aggie 5K Race Recap
Last Sunday was the Stride for Aggie Pride 5K race at UC Davis. It was a smaller local race where all proceeds benefit the ASUCD Endowment fund and We Are Aggie Pride. My 6 year old had been wanting to do another 5K and since this run was so close and the registration fees were very affordable, I chose this as his next one. Turned out to be a great choice and the whole family had fun.

When I say the fees were affordable, they were very affordable. We went for early registration and the kiddos were only $5. You can't beat that. We paid a total of $45 for the whole family. Such a steal and all for a good cause.
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There was bib pick up on Friday but I could not make it, so we picked up our shirts and bibs the day of the race which was on Sunday. The race started at 9:30am but we got there around 8:50am to pick up our stuff. We were able to pick up our bibs fine along with the adult shirts but we did have a minor problem with the kids shirts. They ran out of size smalls which was a bummer, but we couldn't complain with their registration so cheap (we ended up with a size xs and a medium).
This is what the women's shirt looks like. I like how it is v-neck. It's a nice color too.
At 9am, they had a warm up with stretches and dynamic exercises. The guy leading them was great. He even had us doing squats.
After the warm up, they had us line up at the start line. Me and 6 year old hung out by the 10 min/mile pace sign. 
I asked 6 year old what his goal was and he said to just beat his last time of 34:07 at the Sacramento Santa Run 5K
Before we knew it, it was 9:30 and we were off. We started off slow and it was a bit congested but manageable. Here is a map of the course. 
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6 year old started off nicely, not too fast and at a good pace.
It was fun running around the UC Davis campus. 

6 year old was doing great. I was letting him set the pace and was either next to him or behind him the whole time. His first mile per my garmin was at 9:55.2. I thought this was so great because he was under 10 minutes.
I kept asking how he was feeling and he said he was good. I loved how he was smiling and just having a good time. The course was pretty flat and fast. We ran by the the arboretum. I could tell that 6 year old was feeling good because he was passing other runners. At mile 2, his time was 9:41.8. At this point, I was so excited for him. He was doing so awesome.
I again asked him how he was feeling and he said he felt good and I could tell he was still feeling good because he kept passing even more runners. I'd say a majority of the runners were college students and it was so fun to see their reactions when my 6 year old passed by. Some of them were "oh look, he's so cute", "look he's so little", "he is fast", "I don't want that kid to pass me", all of these comments just made me smile and so proud.
When we saw the finish, he did his best to sprint. By my Garmin his last mile was at 8:56.7 and the last bit at a 6:03 pace. I was amazed. He ran negative splits! His official time was 28:49. He had run a 5+ minute PR!! When I told him the time on my Garmin he was so happy. His smile was priceless.
After our finish, we cheered on Hubby and 5 year old as they came across the finish line. They both did great and I am so proud of 5 year old because he finished strong.
It was a great race for the whole fam! I was so glad everyone had fun and we're hoping to do it again next year! :)
Have a great weekend!

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