Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Rockville Hills Regional Park Hike 7/20/20

Rockville Hills Regional Park Hike
Hubby hurt his ankle not too long after we did the Horsetail Falls hike so we had to wait quite a bit before our next hike. When his ankle was better, we chose Rockville Hills Regional park because it was closer to home and it wasn't a strenuous hike. We had actually done this hike 4 years ago with one of my son's Cub Scout troop. You can check out that hike here.

Rockville Hills Regional Park is about a 40 minute drive from Davis. It is better to get there early because the parking lot isn't huge. We couldn't find a spot when we arrived around 10am so we had to park on the side of the road next to the lot. There is a fee to use the park. It's $3 per person and $1 per dog. There is a machine to pay the fees by the signs in the lot.

From the start is a nice little climb. We started on the Rockville trail.
Then we took the lower lake loop trail and headed towards the pond.
However it was dried up when we got there.
We went onwards to the lake on the Bay area ridge trail. There was water in the lake, but it was pretty low.
From the lake, we took the rock garden trail that took us up to a neat high point that had nice views.
Me and the boys. :)
From the high point, we headed towards the cave. It is quite steep to get up to the cave. Hubby didn't go up with his bad ankle and the boys decided not to go up to it, but I figured might as well check it out since we were already there. Personally, I didn't think the cave was that great.
Rockville Hills Regional Park Cave
Here is a close up of what it looks like. It doesn't go far in. That's about all you see when you get up there.
Rockville Hills Regional Park Cave
We continued on and hit the quarry trail that headed back towards the trailhead parking lot.
Here's a map of the route we took. There are multiple trails we took and if you want the park map, you can click here. It's a nice detailed map with all the trail names and points of interest.
Rockville Hills Regional Park 3 mile route
According to my Garmin, we did a total of 3 miles with 548 ft. of elevation gain. It was nice hike. It's great for families because it isn't too strenuous. It's a nice option if you want something short and easy. However, you can always make it longer with the multiple trail options. 

Happy hiking!

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