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Twin Lakes trail, Boomerang and Island Lakes Hike 7/29/20

Twin Lakes trail, Boomerang and Island Lakes Hike
The next hike we did after Rockville Hills Regional Park, was an adventure that took us into Desolation Wilderness. We decided to explore the Twin Lakes trail to Boomerang and Island Lakes. It turned out to be a pretty awesome hike!

The Twin Lakes trailhead is located near Wrights Lake in Kyberz, California. It's an almost 2 hour drive from Davis. As with most hikes, it is better to get there early so you can get a parking spot at the trailhead since parking fills up fast. However, there is an overflow lot that is about a mile from the trailhead but it would add more distance to your hike. The trailhead does have a bathroom which is nice.
Twin Lakes trailhead
Below is the trail display sign at the start of the trail. A hiking permit is usually required for entering Desolation Wilderness (it's free and usually in a permit box) but with Covid it is not enforced. We didn't even see the permit box at the sign. 
From the trail sign, take the right unmarked path for the most direct route. The left fork takes you over a bridge that eventually merges to the same trail but takes a slightly longer route around the marsh. Aside from the start, trail junctions were well marked. Just make sure to follow them to Twin Lakes.
From what I remember, it wasn't difficult to follow the trail. I did like the rocky terrain.
Entering Desolation Wilderness.
A sign for Twin Lakes go left, and Grouse Lake go right (can't see Grouse Lake in this shot).
We were able to make out the trail as it was lined with rocks on the edges plus you can tell where the rock has been walked on. After about 0.5 mile, you gradually climbed.
The scenery was pretty most of the way.
We are getting closer to Twin Lakes.
We're at Twin Lakes. According to my Garmin it was about 2.6 miles to get to this part.
So beautiful and look how clear the water is. We stopped for a bit and then continued on to get to Island Lakes.
To get to Island Lakes, we pass this cute little lake called Boomerang Lake.
We got to a little high point and stopped for lunch with a view of upper Twin Lakes.
Then continued on to Island Lakes.
Island Lakes is about 3.6 miles in.  
We stopped and even put our feet in the water. It was cold but how refreshing it was!
So pretty.
After enjoying some time at Island Lakes, we headed back to the lower part of Twin Lakes.
Passing Boomerang Lake again.
There is Twin Lakes.
Me and the boys. :)
We stopped gain and this time dipped our feet in at the lower lake. Hard to resist on a warm day and again look how clear and clean the water is. Such an awesome place!
We didn't stay long and finally headed back to the trailhead. The hike ended up being about 7.2 miles round trip with 1,378 ft. elevation gain. This hike is one of my favorites for the year so far. I really like hiking on the granite slabs and seeing beautiful alpine lakes with the clear blue water. So beautiful and I definitely recommend!
Happy hiking!

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