Friday, May 8, 2015

6 Mile Run Reservoir Family Hike Trip Report 4/19/15

Hi guys! Here is the the trip report for the 6 Mile Run Reservoir hike we did a while back and is long overdue. It was another Sunday of great weather, so we decided on a hike that was referred to me from my friend Min. Located in Somerset, NJ, it was less than a 25 minute drive to get to the trailhead from our home. 

There are multiple parking lots that access the trail. We parked in the parking lot located at 625 Canal Road in Somerset. Here is a map.
We started at the parking lot on the left side of this map and took the blue trail. The kiddos enjoyed how their were lots of curves and they thought of it as a nice track and ran in spurts.
The trail is popular for mountain biking so if you are hiking, be prepared to move to the side to let the bikers speed by. On the day we went, there weren't too many, but if it is crowded with bikers, I can see how it could get annoying.
I liked how the scenery changed from an open field area with the curves and turns into a forest area.
There were a couple of neat boardwalks that we crossed and a log stack where the kiddos took a little break for a snack.
 It was also interesting to see so many uprooted trees by the trail. 
The kiddos having fun on this downed tree.
We found this little snake on the trail. It wasn't alive when we saw it. We assume a biker ran over it.
We didn't hike far, only about a mile out and then back, so we did about two miles total with the kiddos. That is what is great about trails like this, you can go as far out as you want, making it as short or as long as you want. 

Here is a pic as we headed back to the parking lot. There are porta potties which is nice if you need to use the facilities.
It didn't take us long to do the two miles and we had a good time. We would definitely do it again and hopefully venture further out. It would also be a great place to run. I just might have to come back soon just to run it! :)


  1. How often do you all go hiking? Is it about every weekend?

  2. Seems like a great place to run! When you go hiking, do you guys bring water bottles or camelbaks?

  3. I think so too! :) We usually bring a backpack with water bottles and snacks. But before kids, it was a lot easier to bring camelbacks.

  4. We try to do a short hike every weekend, but it doesn't always work out. We just go whenever we can. :)