Monday, May 11, 2015

Boston's Run To Remember Half Marathon Training Week 3: 5/4-5/10

Here's a recap of last week's workouts:

Monday 5/4 - 5 mile run.
Tuesday 5/5 - 6 mile run with Min.
Wednesday 5/6 - 5 miles with Min and Kelly and some sprints afterwards.
Thursday 5/7 - Rest
Friday 5/8 - 2.4 mile walk with my 4 year old.
Saturday 5/9 - 5 mile run
Sunday 5/10 - 11 mile long run.
I'd say training this week was so so. I got in a bit more miles than usual but only because I didn't run a long run last week. I didn't quite make up the miles but I'm ok with how this week's mileage turned out. Only downside of this week is that I didn't get any cross training in. No T25, Piyo, or yoga. I have been trying to do a #plankaday each day and I've been posting those on Twitter. I am actually up to 1:51.82. That's my best so far and I'm hoping to continue with hopes of getting up to 3 minutes one day. I've noticed that I've been struggling on my pace run. I tried to run fast on Saturday's run but it was pretty bad and I was tired pretty early. It's probably the heat and humidity but it's making me doubt for a PR for the half marathon coming up in couple of weeks. Guess we'll see how things go this week.

As to the weekend, as usual Saturday morning started with soccer for the kiddos. T-ball was actually cancelled due to rain. By the afternoon the rain was gone and the streets were dry so we took the kiddos outside to play. My 5 year old rode his bike while my 4 year old rode his razor scooter. They love riding around the neighborhood. They also had fun drawing with chalk outside.
Sunday was Mother's Day and it started out with the kiddos rushing into the bedroom with gifts in hand to me. It was so cute! My 5 year old serenaded me with 4 cute songs he had learned at school. These were the gifts they gave me, two were made by them and the other an Alex and Ani bracelet with the champion charm (from Hubby). Love them all!
After my morning long run, it was about time for lunch and we went out for sushi, my favorite. We went to Masa Sushi, which is an all you can eat sushi place and what I like about this place is that you order what you want and it is brought out to you. Here is what we ordered.

It was so good and hit the spot, especially after running 11 miles. After the delicious meal, I had to take a pic with my boys. I love them so much!
We went home and rested a bit before heading out for a short hike. We headed out to Jacob's Creek Trail but had troubles getting there as the bridge to get to the trailhead was closed. We took the detour and the trailhead was right where the construction was. We still parked and when we saw the trail it was not maintained. With high grass and hard to follow trail, we opted for the short trail spur and even that wasn't so great. We ended up hiking just a little bit and exploring the creek. The kiddos enjoyed the creek lots! 
 Me and the kiddos.
That pretty much sums up the weekend. Linking this post up with Tara at Running N’ Reading for her Weekend Update. Have a great week all!
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  1. Your hiking spot looks amazing and the weather looks nice too.
    Not all runs are great... hand in there !

  2. Beautiful pics! Your hiking trails are sure starting to green up for spring, so beautiful! That first pic, with the river and kayaks so beautiful!
    We had a lot of rain and snow here over the weekend, which is good because we really need it. But I am looking forward to when our forests around here start to green up, and the trails melt so I can get up on a few that I have been looking forward to!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Do you always run 6 days a week? I'm impressed!

  4. Thanks Karen! Yeah, I know all runs are great, but I wish they were! :)

  5. Thanks Kristy!! It is getting a lot greener and the trees fuller! However, it is now getting pretty hot and the humidity is getting higher so it isn't as fun running. Seems we skipped spring and are right into summer, at least this week. I think it is supposed to be close to 90 here tomorrow.

  6. Thanks Nicole! I normally run 4-5 days a week. Last week was an exception because I missed my long run and tried to make up some miles. :) Have a great week!

  7. Awww what a nice mothers day and sweet gifts from all your boys! Do they like sushi as much as their mom? So nice to see all your running pics full of green and life vs. the snow haha (which also made for pretty pictures). It has been tough getting use to the humidity the past couple of weeks.

  8. The kiddos don't care for sushi much yet. They really like the fried calamari so they are happy with that while we devour all the sushi. :p The humidity is tough!!

  9. Looks like a wonderful Mother's day with your sweet boys.

  10. Great job last week! That sushi looks good! :)