Monday, May 4, 2015

Boston's Run To Remember Half Marathon Training Week 2: 4/27-5/3

Last week did not go as planned in regards to training for my half marathon due to being sick. Turned out I had a sinus infection with the gross phlegm, coughing, and headaches. I feel a lot better now but have some sniffles and coughs here and there, but at least the headaches and yucky phlegm are gone. I'm hoping I can get back on track this week on my workouts. 

Here's a recap of last week's workouts:

Monday 4/27 - sick/rest
Tuesday 4/28 - sick/rest
Wednesday 4/29 - 4 mile run
Thursday 4/30 - 4 mile run with friends
Friday 5/1 - rest day
Saturday 5/2 - rest day
Sunday 5/3 - Big Red Race 5K
As to the weekend, Saturday started with the usual soccer for both kiddos and then T-ball for my 5 year old. Here are a few pics from soccer. They are both doing great and seem to get better each week!
I was thinking about going for a run especially since I missed some workouts and didn't get the mileage I wanted this week, but I was having some coughing fits and decided against it. Instead I felt I was ok enough to go on a short hike with the fam on the D&R Canal trail. During the week I ran with some friends hoping to show them the trail to get from the D&R canal trail to the Swinging Bridge which is part of the Institute woods Trail system. We ran on the canal trail, but I couldn't find which trail it was and I couldn't locate the connecting trail (I don't think it's well known to others and it is clearly not marked). So the main goal of our hike Saturday was to find this connecting trail. Of course we also let the kiddos explore the canal a bit and throw rocks (their favorite thing to do whenever they see a body of water).
Some kayaks were out on the canal.
We did finally find the trail but there is a tricky creek crossing to get to the trail to the swinging bridge. I'm hoping the girls are adventurous enough to cross this. Would you? 
Here are the kiddos on the swinging bridge.
Sunday morning was the Big Red Race 5K run. All I will say was that I ran hard and was happy with the results. Race recap will be coming this week!
After the race we had lunch and I even took a nap. :) It wasn't long until we were out of the house and on the courts. Yes, courts. We took the kiddos out to a nearby park and they played some basketball with Daddy.
And then played some tennis with both of us. Our 5 year old has had lessons but we are trying to introduce our 4 year old more to the sport before we get him into lessons. It was nice being on the tennis courts again. Hubby and I even got to rally some and it was fun. 
That pretty much sums up the weekend. Linking this post up with Tara at Running N’ Reading for her Weekend Update. Have a great week all!
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  1. Ugh - missing training because of illness is frustrating, but glad you're feeling better! And the canal looks absolutely gorgeous! What a fun activity for your boys.

  2. So sorry you were not feeling the best! I occasionally get sinus infections so I know how much they can wipe a person out!
    Love the pictures, I think I would cross the bridge, but I know if I took my younger niece with me (I am trying to turn her into a hiker, since it worked with all the older kids:) but I know she'd turn to me in her sweet 4 year old voice and say, "you're going to carry me right."
    Love the swinging bridge, we don't have any of those around here, I wish we did!

  3. Glad you're feeling better, and hope this week is a better one! Looks like y'all had fun outdoors :)

  4. Don't let that upset you, I also felt sick three days before my driving license this week! It's even funny how badly-timed virus are!

    Lazy Penguins

  5. Hailey @ Striding StrongMay 5, 2015 at 1:17 PM

    That trail looks beautiful! Crossing the creek actually sounds kinda fun to me! :) And great job getting back into the swing of things after being sick!

  6. Thanks! Yes, feeling much better! Yeah, I'm so glad the boys enjoy the outdoors! :)

  7. Thanks Kristy!! Oh no doubt you would cross that bridge, it's not too bad. So cute you know what your niece would say. We had our 4 year old carried only because we knew he would fall in if we didn't. ;)

  8. Thanks Jess! Yup, had a great time outdoors. :) Hope you are having a great week!

  9. Thanks Lily! Yeah, can't really control when we get sick, just gotta get through em. So glad it's over with.

  10. Thanks Hailey! Yeah, the creek crossing isn't too bad, I'm sure it'd be a breeze for you. :) Hope you are having a great week!

  11. More great pictures of that awesome looking canal! Sorry to hear you were sick - don't you just hate how that jacks with training plans?! You did really great on your race though!!

  12. Ahh sorry to hear about the sinus infection. Looks like another fun outing - I loved crossing over creeks when I was younger.

  13. Thanks Diane!! Yeah, I'm just glad I'm feeling better, hoping I can get back on track!

  14. Thanks Jenny! I'm feeling a lot better now! Yeah it was fun, my kiddos were excited about the creek crossing. My 5 year old thinks of it as an obstacle course. :p

  15. Great job last week despite the sinus infection! You did great in your race and sounds like a fun weekend!

  16. Thanks Sherry!! I was pretty happy with how I did in the race. :)