Friday, July 3, 2015

Timex Ironman Run x20 GPS Watch Review

I won this Timex Run x20 GPS watch in a giveaway and was not obligated to write a review however I wanted to share what I thought about it. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I was pretty excited to win a GPS watch in a giveaway from a fellow blogger. It's an ok watch and pretty basic. No bells and whistles but a watch that tracks distance, pace, and time.

Getting new gadgets is always fun so I was looking forward to trying this watch out. I've gotten to use it a few times and they were all times when I went for a run/walk or jog with the kiddos. The first thing I noticed about the watch is that it is fairly easy to navigate the buttons. It took getting used to a little bit because I was so used to my Garmin watch, however it didn't take me long to remember what button was for what. 

Before the run there is always the time you need to wait to locate satellites. For this watch, it took a lot longer than I was used to. If you are in a hurry to run, this watch may not be for you because I was even getting a little frustrated at how long it took to find a satellite. 
During the run I found it surprising that you do not see the time, pace, and distance on the same display screen. 
Instead you need to toggle to a different screen by pressing the bottom left button of the watch to get to see the time. Here you see the time elapsed and the amount of calories.
On one of my runs, I wore both the Timex watch and my Garmin Forerunner 405 to compare the distances. I was pretty surprised to see a big difference between the two. The Timex seemed to have overestimated my mileage on this run. I know the Garmin is pretty accurate, so I'm not so sure what happened with the Timex. I can't say much because I wore the watches to compare only once but seeing this it doesn't look good for the Timex watch for mileage accuracy.
When the run is finished, you can save the run onto your watch. The watch has a nice summary screen of your run. 
What I don't like about the watch is that you can not sync your data to an app on your phone nor to your computer so you can not compare your runs and see all the stats and the map of the route you took. However one plus of the watch, there is an interval function to help with run/walk routines or speed workouts and I have not used it yet but it sounds like a nice function to have.

Here is my breakdown of the pros and cons of the watch:

-Tracks your distance, pace, and time.
-Nice summary at the end of your run once saved.
-Has an interval feature (I haven't tested it but something that is nice to have).
-Nice looking watch.
-Navigates easily.

-Takes long to find satellite for GPS.  
-Not sure if the GPS is accurate based on the time I wore my Garmin Forerunner 405 at  the same time.
-Once a run is saved, you can not upload it to an app to review it. I like to look at stats  and you cannot save them nor is there a map of where you actually ran.
-Once you start an activity it does not show pace on the same screen as distance while  wearing the watch (you need to toggle to a different screen).

Overall it is a basic watch. I would only recommend this watch to beginners that are looking for a no bells and whistles GPS watch. I like the look of the watch and enjoy wearing it as my daily wear watch. I don't think I'll be using it much for running. I am looking to buy a new watch to upgrade my Garmin Forerunner 405. Any suggestions??


  1. I was hoping you liked this better than Garmin cuz I've been disappointed with the Garmin I have currently but it sounds like not. I loathe the toggling for stats. Oh well, it was a nice win anyway. : )

  2. Yeah I was pretty disappointed with this one but yes a nice win and I don't have a daily wear watch so this works nicely. I was actually looking into another Garmin (the 220 or vivoactive). Which Garmin do you have and what do you find disappointing about it?

  3. That's too bad it doesn't seem accurate. I wouldn't wan to toggle between screens either.

  4. This is a great review. I like that you compared them because we found the same to be true with Timex. I have used the same Garmin for years (got it from Costco). It looks just like yours but I am not sure of the model. Thanks for sharing your findings and congrats on winning it in the first place - that's so cool!

  5. I would not like toggling through the screens. I've had a Garmin 110 for about five years. The only con is that you can't see your splits until you download to a computer.

  6. Yeah, I was pretty disappointed with the watch. I am considering getting the vivoactive, but not sure when you post that your GPS was wacky the other day. :p

  7. Thanks Diane! Yes, we probably have the same watch because I got mine from Costco years ago too. :)

  8. Yeah this watch is not ideal for running. Glad your Garmin is working out for you.