Sunday, November 8, 2015

Last Week's Workout Recap and Weekly Wrap 11/2-11/8

I am happy to say that we made it to Davis! We aren't in our new home yet (in a hotel) but hoping to be there Thursday of this week! :) Here's a recap of last week's workouts:

Monday 11/2 - T25 Speed 1.0.
Tuesday 11/3 - 30 minute run.
Wednesday 11/4 - 3 mile run. It was my last run on my favorite trail and soaked it in as much as possible.
Thursday 11/5 - Rest.
Friday 11/6 - Rest. Volunteered at the Trenton Half Marathon, 10k, 5k Expo. 
Saturday 11/7 - Trenton 10k. Race recap coming soon.
Sunday 11/8 - Rest.

Took it down a notch this week with only two runs before the 10k on Saturday. With preschooler at home and moving errands that was all I could fit in. It turned out perfectly fine because I had a great race on Saturday.

The week was a pretty busy one. On Monday, I was able to hang out with these ladies one last time for breakfast before the big move! They are the best running buddies! Gonna miss them lots!
On Wednesday the movers came and took all our stuff away. It was actually kind of sad with everything gone. However, it reminded me of when we first moved in and of our excitement in a new place. With these good thoughts I know that we will experience it again when we move into our new home. I'm already excited thinking about it. 
Before moving we knew we had to visit our favorite pizza place before we left. Nomad Pizza in Hopewell is our favorite. We love their pizza and most of all their Nutella pizza for dessert.
On Friday, Hubby's advisor put on a farewell party for him. It was a fun time. So much fun that we did not leave until after 10pm. The kiddos had fun too and will miss their friend M. 
With not much sleep Friday night, I was not sure how I would perform in the 10k on Saturday, but it ended up being totally fine. Loved that it was so close so I did not have to wake up too early, only about a 12 minute drive to the parking lot from the hotel we were staying at. The race was pretty awesome and I did PR! :) Again more details will be in the race recap.
We left pretty much right after the race so I could get back to the hotel and shower, then head to the airport for our 2pm flight to California. We traveled pretty much the rest of Saturday. We got in at 7:40pm California time so it was a long afternoon/night of traveling. Just happy it was pretty uneventful and everything was on time. The kiddos were great on the plane too.

Sunday we slept in as much as we could but it was still early for West Coast time. Hubby had signed 6 year old up for a basketball clinic in a neighboring town since 6 year old loves basketball. I thought it was kind of crazy to sign him up so soon considering we just got into town, but it turned out great. We are in a hotel and don't have much to do anyway. It was also fun to watch and 6 year old enjoyed it.
The rest of the day we did some errands at Costco and Target. Then we explored downtown Davis a bit. I can't wait until Thursday when we finally close on our new home and get the keys! I can't believe I am in California! I'm so excited for our new adventures here!
That sums up my week. Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. 
Have a great week!

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