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Trenton 10K Race Recap 11/7/15

Trenton 10K Race Recap
Last Saturday marked my 4th year running in Trenton. The first year I ran their Inaugural Half Marathon and the last two years the 10K. You can read last year's post here. I really enjoy running this race which is why I do it every year. Except this year would be different. It was my last time running it due to our big move to the West Coast. Some friends even thought I was crazy running a race on the morning of when we flew out, but I thought of it as the perfect way to say goodbye and end our wonderful 5 years in New Jersey.

RACE EXPO: The expo was at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Trenton. This year I volunteered. Volunteering at the expo gave me an awesome discount on my race registration. If you want a free or discounted registration definitely think about volunteering as an option. How did I find out about this? Well, they sent an email and I reached out. 

I got to the expo before it started to check in for my volunteer duties. I helped hand out bibs. It was fun and great meeting other runners. The other ladies I volunteered with were also running the next day but were running the half. I met both Estelle and Ashley. It was great getting to know them. Estelle came all the way from Arkansas (with Black Girls Run) and is both a marathon and half fanatic. Ashley is local and has run or wants to run a bunch of the same races I do. She has done a full marathon as well. I love hearing other runners stories. Having two full marathoners next to me gave me even more incentive to tackle one in 2016. 
Trenton 10K Expo
The expo seems to get bigger each year. More booths than I remembered than last year, but still a small expo compared to others. Bib pickup and shirt pickup went smoothly. Shirts this year were long sleeve quarter zip and were a nice color. Loved it because I don't have a top in the color yet.
RACE DAY: If you read my last blog post, I talked about how late we were out the night before due to Hubby's farewell party. I didn't get as much sleep as I wanted but with the race being so close to our hotel, I did not have to get up so early to leave. We left the hotel at 7 and we were at the parking lot by 7:15. It was a short walk from the parking lot to get to the start which was close to Arm and Hammer Stadium where the Trenton Thunder minor league baseball team plays. Lots of port a potties and I did not even have to wait in line. The weather was perfect, I had on a tank and shorts and I was slightly cold but not. I remember last year, at the start I was freezing. 
Trenton 10K Race Recap
I caught a picture of the guys that shoot the muskets at the start.

Once again (like all the previous years), the race did not start on time. 8am was supposed to be the start time and we were waiting for about 15 minutes until we were finally off and running. I'm just happy the weather cooperated and we weren't freezing like last year.

Trenton 10K Start

This year both the half marathoners and 10K runners started at the same time while the 5K runners started a little later. Great move because there wasn't as tight of as a bottle neck this year at the start, so I was happy about that. I started my Garmin and my Rungo App and I was off. It was still slow at the beginning but not as bad as last year. I got into a pretty good groove early on. I was also happy to see Hubby and the kiddos on the course. This was early in the race and I was surprised to see them because I did not think I would see them until the finish. 
I love that this race takes you on two bridges. You cross a bridge into Pennsylvania the "Trenton Makes The World Takes" bridge. 
Trenton 10K Race Recap
We ran in some neighborhoods.
Trenton 10K Race Recap
Before getting back onto another bridge, into New Jersey. If you don't like to run on grates on bridges, I suggest you run on the sides of the bridge. I'm ok with them, but for those that don't like heights don't look down. ;)
Trenton 10K bridge
They actually got a decent pic of me on the bridge.
I felt pretty good throughout the race. There is not much crowd support so I had to push myself more as we headed towards the stadium. Also there aren't as many 10K runners as you can see from the below pic.
Trenton 10K Race Recap
I love that this race ends at Arm and Hammer Stadium and you run around the outfield and then head towards the finish line that is right at home plate. If you listen closely, you will hear your name called after you cross the finish.
I was pretty happy when I finished because I knew it was a PR. What I didn't know was that I placed 3rd in my age group (initially they had me at 2nd place but it was changed later on). I was pretty psyched that I placed in my age group in my last race of the year. I couldn't stay for the awards ceremony because I had to get back to the hotel to shower and head to the airport but I emailed the folks that put the race on and I should be getting my AG award in the mail. Here are my official results:
At the finish I saw my friend Junko and her son. They both ran the 5K. It was great to see them before we left. I had run a couple of other races with her and went on a couple of camping trips together. I will miss her and her family! 

The post race goodies consisted of bananas, granola bars from Wegmans, water, and pretzels. Not bad. The medal is pretty nice too! Again it's got a bottle opener just like last year's and it has already come in handy while in the hotel to open some beer. :)  Overall, I had an awesome last race. Loved that it took me through two states and over two bridges. I'm so happy my last day in Jersey ended with such a great outcome! 
Trenton 10K medal 2015

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