Monday, February 1, 2016

Davis Stampede Half Marathon Training Week 6 & Weekly Wrap 1/25-1/31

Here's a recap of last week's workouts:

Monday 1/25 - Rest. 
Tuesday 1/26 - Training schedule called for 5 miles but I was still sore from Sunday's hike so I was pretty lazy getting up. When I finally did, all I had time for was a 3 mile run. I figure 3 miles is better than nothing.
Wednesday 1/27 - 4.65 early morning miles with a friend.
Thursday 1/28 - 3 mile run.
Friday 1/29 - Strength training workout for runners.
Saturday 1/30 - 10 mile long run with the local running group.
Sunday 1/31 - Running rest day but got in a 5 mile hike with the fam.

I'd say it was an ok week of runs and workouts. Being sore earlier in the week changed things up a bit but I'm ok with running a little less this week. I actually should have gotten a bit more cross training in but I just wasn't feeling it this week. Hopefully next week will be better.

The weekend was pretty good. Saturday morning started out with my 10 mile long run. I was able to run with the local running this group this weekend and it was nice to run with the group again. The people seem to change weekly so I met new people this week and others that I had met before weren't there. I guess missing two weeks in a row didn't help. It was still great running with new people and I feel it is still better running long runs with a group rather than alone. 
After my run, I quickly showered and we headed to 6 year old's basketball game. He did awesome and I even caught him making this shot. It is so cool to see the kiddos improve each week.

4 year old's game in the afternoon was fun to watch too. He is great at defense.
It was a busy Saturday because once 4 year old's game was over, we headed back home and prepared for one of Hubby's work colleague and her husband coming over for dinner. They were good company and also brought over this yummy chocolate dessert from a local Austrian pasty cafe. It's not the greatest pic, but it was delicious. It had like a shortbread cookie bottom.
Sunday, I actually got to sleep in. When I looked at my Fitbit it showed I got in 10 hours (got up around 9am). I was like wow. I had not done that in a long time. It is really nice when the kiddos can play on their own and not bother us. Well, I guess one of them did and thankfully Hubby went down to get them breakfast. :) 

We planned for a hike and decided on Hidden Falls Regional Park in Auburn. It was a nice hike and great place to spend lunch and the afternoon with the fam. I'll have a trip report on the blog soon (after I get the Billy's Hill post up). Here are a couple of pics from the hike. 
That sums up my week! Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. 

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Have a great week!

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