Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cosumnes River Preserve Hike with the Fam 1/18/16

Cosumnes River Preserve
With no plans on MLK day, we headed out for a hike at Cosumnes River Preserve in Galt, CA. The place had good reviews online and I heard from a friend that it was a neat place to visit. 

The drive from Davis was about 36 minutes so it wasn't too far a drive which is always nice. When you drive up, there is an earlier lot to park in but we drove on and followed the signs to the visitor center. We're glad we stopped at the visitor center because it is really nice inside. There are restrooms right by the parking lot and also at the visitor center.
The visitor center is small but there is lots of information and exhibits that attract the kiddos. The tracks display you see them looking at below even came in handy later. The lady that was there was also very nice. She had us take a nature trail guide brochure that turned out to be the best thing ever to keep 6 year old from getting bored.
It is very convenient that the River Walk trail starts not too far from the visitor center.
Cosumnes River Preserve
The Nature Trail guide brochure was great because there are numbers along the trail and with those numbers is an excerpt in the brochure that 6 year old enjoyed reading aloud to us. Both kiddos loved the excitement of finding the numbers along the trail as we hiked. It was beautiful day so there were lots of great photo opps along the way.
It was great learning bits of history about the area and facts about the natural habitat.
I had to take a picture of this tree. Isn't it amazing? It's a valley oak and is likely 150-200 years old (says the nature guide).
Cosumnes River Preserve Valley Oak Tree
Pic of the wetlands.
Cosumnes River Preserve
Recall, earlier I said the tracks exhibit helped us out. Well as we were walking 6 year old noticed some tracks. He knew right away they were deer tracks. Low and behold not too far later, we come across this deer. It's always fun to see wildlife on the trail.
Deer at Cosumnes River Preserve
More cool shots I took.
Cosumnes River Preserve
Cosumnes River Preserve
When we got to this bridge. We noticed some kids and their dad up by the train tracks playing. Turns out there is a short side trail off and up to the tracks. There were no trains coming, so why not check it out. Turned out to be pretty neat going up to the tracks. The kiddos thought it was cool and so did I. Even got a family pic on the tracks. 
According to my Garmin, we hiked about 2.68 miles on the River Walk trail.
We didn't do the full trail, but we were happy with what we covered. In all, it was a fun family hike! It was great hiking through wetlands, riparian forest, grasslands, and to the Cosumnes River. If you have kids, I highly suggest picking up the Nature Trail guide because it made the hike a whole lot interesting. It is always nice when the kiddos are so enthusiastic and willing to hike. 

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