Monday, March 21, 2016

Lucky Run Half Marathon Training 3/14-3/20

My last week of training for the Davis Lucky Run Half marathon went well. I got in the runs I needed according to the training schedule I somewhat follow (Hal Higdon's Intermediate training plan). I'm happy with how I did with the race since it's my first half of the year but I would still like to improve. I made a bad decision at the start but we'll get to that in my recap coming later this week. Next up is Rock N Roll San Francisco on 4/3. It should be a fun one also challenging as I'm scared of the hills I will have to face!

Here's what I did last week up to the half marathon:

Monday 3/14 - 4 miles
Tuesday 3/15 - 30 minute tempo run
Wednesday 3/16 - 2 miles
Thursday 3/17 - Rest
Friday 3/18 - Rest
Saturday 3/19 - Davis Lucky Run Half Marathon
Sunday 3/20 - Rest

During the week, I signed up for the lottery to get into the Chicago Marathon. Here's hoping that I get in to run my first full marathon in Chicago! If not, I do have a backup marathon but I won't talk about that until after I find out about the results of the lottery. :)

As to the weekend, it was pretty good. Saturday started out with the half marathon. It was a perfect morning for the run. The stars didn't align for me so no PR but a decent time. I posted the below pic on my Instagram. Hubby and the kiddos were on the course and I saw them 3 times in different places! It was so nice to see them especially since I was struggling towards the end (again more about why in my recap later this week).
In the afternoon we took the fam out for a short fun hike. It's actually not a bad thing to do after a race, least I think it helps with recovery. We headed out to Lake Berryessa and it was beautiful. 
On Sunday, it was nice to sleep in a little bit, at least until we had to get ready for 6 year old's soccer game. It was his first game this Spring and he did great. It was so fun to watch him hustle and he even scored a goal. 
In the afternoon we headed to one of my favorite stores, REI to get some things for a possible backpacking trip we'll be taking this week (it's spring break)! Depending on weather, we are planning on taking the kids on their first backpacking trip. It'll only be one night, but still a fun adventure!
Later in the day, the kiddos wanted to go out and play some tennis and we couldn't say no to that, so we took em out and played some. It was fun to swing the racket again!
That sums up my week! Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. 
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Have a great week!

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