Monday, September 19, 2016

Chicago Marathon Training Week 13: 9/12-9/18

Week 13 of Chicago marathon training went pretty good. I got in all the running workouts including my second 20 miler! Three more weeks until the big day! I am getting excited! I'm also ready to taper. I do have a race to look forward to the week before the marathon. I will be running Rock 'n' Roll San Jose as an easy run which should be fun!

Here's a recap of last week's workouts:

Monday 9/12 -
Scheduled: Off or cross training
Actual: Off
Tuesday 9/13 -
Scheduled: 1 mile w/u, 2x5 miles @8:35-8:44 pace w/10 min rest, 1 mile c/d
Actual: .5 mile w/u, 2x5 miles paces at (8:34, 8:40, 8:47, 8:43, 8:40). After a 10 min break (8:42, 9:07, 9:15, 9:54, 9:51). I clearly did not hit the paces especially the second half of the run but just glad I got the workout done.
Wednesday 9/14 -
Scheduled: Off or cross training
Actual: Off
Thursday 9/15 -
Scheduled: 8 miles easy with 4 x 20 sec strides. Strides at 7:08 pace
Actual: 8 miles with a friend. It was supposed to be easy but running with my friend Lenora, the miles just fly and it was fun. No strides on this run since I already ran it faster than I should have. :p
Friday 9/16 - 
Scheduled: Off or cross training
Saturday 9/17 -
Scheduled: 6 miles easy
Actual: 6 miles comfortable
Sunday 9/18 -
Scheduled: 20 mile long run w/ miles 13-16 @ 8:51-8:57
Actual: 20 miles. Paces at 13-16 were 8:56, 9:00, 9:00, 9:05. Close enough. Pretty happy with the run.

As to the weekend, Saturday morning started with my 6 miler. I tried out my new Altra running shoes and like them a lot so far. 
After my run we headed off to breakfast at Big Bear Diner and then we were off to the park for 5 year old's soccer. He had his pictures today, then his game. Always fun to watch. 
We had some time to kill before 7 year old's soccer game so we went into town and got some shave ice and custard. Yummy treat for the hot day.
7 year old had his game and I'm so proud of him because he led his team in scoring with 2 goals!
Sunday, started out with my 20 miler which went well. Afterwards we met up with friends at the park to play.
After the park, it was pretty much a lazy Sunday with relaxing and football until 7 year old's soccer practice. We went for a nice ride to his practice.
That pretty much sums up my week! Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. 
Have a great week!

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