Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fenix CL30R Camping Lantern Review

Fenix CL30R Camping Lantern Review
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Fenix CL30R Camping Lantern for free from Fenix Lighting in consideration for a gear review. All opinions are my own.

The fam loves to go camping and we actually don't have a lantern that we regularly use on our outdoor adventures. Normally we just use our headlamps. However, when I was given the opportunity to review the Fenix CL30R Camping Lantern, the idea that it also acts as a charging station for other devices caught my attention. I had to try it. Turns out it's not just great for charging other devices but the brightest lantern I've ever used!

The lantern is a good size. I like that it's not huge. It's dimensions are: Length 3.7" Width: 3.7" Height: 5.4". It's easy to hold especially with the handle at the top.
It's fairly easy to set up. You do need to unscrew the top and take out the black insulation sheet by the batteries before first using. It is great that it comes with the batteries and I went to charging the device right away with the included micro-USB cable. While charging the green lights are flashing and you know when it is done charging when the green lights turn solid green.
To turn it on, you need to hold down on the orange button for a bit until it gets you into the first light mode. It's pretty cool that there are 5 light modes or brightness levels. There is Eco, Low, Mid, High, and Turbo. Turbo is so so bright! So bright, you don't want to look straight at the light in worry that it might impair your vision. :p It's amazing at how bright it is. It is at 650 Lumens. High mode is at 350 Lumens and to me that is already pretty bright.
Fenix CL30R Camping Lantern
Fenix CL30R Camping Lantern
 Below is an example of Turbo mode set on a rock. 
Another perk of this lantern is it's ability to charge other devices. I tried it out and it does indeed charge my iPhone which is awesome because my iPhone battery dies pretty quickly. It'll be really nice to have it be able to charge my phone while on outdoor adventures. 
Fenix CL30R Camping Lantern charging Iphone
I also like that the lantern feels durable and seems like it will last a long time. It handles cold weather and can actually be powered by one, two or three batteries, so it doesn't even need all three batteries to use. I did find it interesting that it has a tripod socket on the bottom for easy attachment to a tripod. I'm not sure if I would use that option but it's good for those that may. Only con I can think of for this lantern, is the weight. It is a bit heavy but understandable due to being very sturdy and durable. It's not ideal for backpacking trips but seems like it would be great for car camping, outdoor BBQs, or even emergency kits. 

Overall a very cool, bright lantern. The brightest lantern I've ever used and seen. You can check out the Fenix CL30R camping lantern here. I'm looking forward to taking it on future camping trips!

Happy camping!

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