Friday, September 16, 2016

Hiking Heybrook Lookout with the Fam 8/16/16

Hiking Heybrook Lookout with the Fam
We had time for one other hike during our visit back in Washington state. We had our 8 year old nephew with us who has never really hiked so we opted on a hike that was great for a beginner and felt would be worthwhile. Hubby did some research and came up with Heybrook Lookout.

Located in Gold Bar, WA, the trailhead is off of Highway 2 heading east, just past mile marker 37. The parking area is on the left side of the highway. This is a view of the lot on our way back, so not a huge lot. We went on a weekday so I'm not sure if it is crowded on the weekends. There are no bathrooms at the trailhead.
Trailhead sign.
Heybrook Lookout trail head
The trail is pretty much all in forest until you reach the lookout. The first thing I noticed while walking was the moss on the trees. It is really neat looking.
Heybrook Lookout trail
It is a short hike up but a nice climb.
Heybrook Lookout trail
Heybrook Lookout trail
It's a great hike for hot days since you are shaded by the trees pretty much all along the route.
Heybrook Lookout trail
The hike to the lookout is about 1.2 miles one way with a gain of 880 feet. The actual lookout is tall and there are just the right amount of steps to climb for kids to think it is fun. However, I can see it tall for those that are afraid of heights.
Heybrook Lookout
At the top were great views. Awesome views of Mt. Index, Mount Baring, Mount Persis, and we even saw Bridal Veil Falls.
View from Heybrook Lookout
The actual lookout was closed and I'm not sure if it is ever open anymore but it would have been neat to go inside.
It was great getting in another hike with one of my best friends from high school. Her 6 month old did awesome too! 
One last look up at the beautiful trees.
According to my Garmin, the hike was a total of 2.38 miles and 889 feet of elevation gain. It is a nice short hike in the forest and the lookout is neat to see with great views! The hike is perfect for newbie hikers, or families with kids due to the length. It would also be a nice hike for hot days since most of the hike is shaded due to the trees. Overall a fun short hike.
Have a great weekend and happy trails!

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