Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lynch Canyon Trail Hike 4/9/17

Lynch Canyon Trail Hike
This post is long overdue but I'm happy to recap this hike, since it is always better late than never and I love posting our adventures. Our main goal on this day was to look for wildflowers. We started off our search by car. We drove on Bear Valley road hoping to see fields of wildflowers but came out with not much luck. We did see a small field and that was about it. The road also became very muddy so we turned around in fear of getting stuck. However Hubby had a hike planned on the Lynch Canyon trail as a backup. 

The Lynch Canyon trail hike is off of Highway 20, directions to the hike can be found here. There is a kiosk at the trailhead with a map.
Lynch Canyon trailhead
There are no bathrooms at the parking lot. This is a look back at the lot from the kiosk. It's a decent sized lot.
Lynch Canyon Trail Parking lot
I was excited to see some wildflower patches along the trail.
Lynch Canyon Trail Wildflowers
So of course we had to get a family pic with them. :)
The trail descends into a valley. After about .85 mile we saw this pond on our right hand side.
Hiking Lynch Canyon Trail
 Not too far after at about 1.1 miles into our hike we came across a second pond.
Hiking Lynch Canyon Trail
Not too far from the second pond, we came across a view of another pond in the distance at about 1.3 miles into the hike.
Lynch Canyon Trail Hike pond
Our stopping point was this shack called the RoadKill Cafe at about 1.7 miles in. 
RoadKill Cafe
 It is an old hunting shack with this funny menu that we found nailed to the wall.
Road Kill Cafe Menu
If you want to extend your hike, you can continue hiking to Cache Creek ridge.
Trail sign to Cache Creek
We ended up hanging out at the shack and had some snacks before heading back. 
The boys playing by the Roadkill Cafe
The hike back is a bit more strenuous since we had to go uphill. This was the steepest hill of the trail and of course 7 year old wanted to run up it. :)
 Can you see my 7 year old?? He did great considering it was a very steep hill.
Lynch Canyon Trail Hike steep hill
 We came across these rocks on the way back and the kids enjoyed climbing them.
The hike according to my Garmin came to about 3.54 miles and 410 feet of elevation gain. It was a nice short hike. We did pass some hunters during the hike along with another hiker who had hiked the trail before. The hiker mentioned that it was still pretty early for the wildflowers since he had hike the trail years prior and had seen more. We were happy we saw some wildflowers but of course it would have been nicer to see more. It was a decent short hike to take the kids on and another good family adventure outdoors!
Lynch Canyon Trail Hike route map
Happy hiking!

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