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Bay to Breakers Race Recap 5/21/17

Bay to Breakers Race Recap 5/21/17
This year was the second time running Bay to Breakers. You can check out last year's recap here. This is the best race to do with friends and have a fun time. No need to worry about pace or time for this run. It's all about the experience and seeing all the costumes. We even went with matching outfits this year. :)

PACKET PICKUP: The expo for packet pickup was at pier 35. It was the same place as last year. We got there later (about a half hour before closing) and good thing about that was there was no line to get in. I recall last year having to wait in line for a while before actually getting into the expo. Bib and shirt pickup was a breeze. However, the bad thing about getting there a half hour before closing is all the booths are already ready to close up shop. We got a chance to browse the booths quickly but weren't able to partake in some of the fun activities that were offered. It was neat they had beer, so we each got a cup and drank it while browsing. 
Bay to Breakers expo
I like this year's shirt color and design!

RACE DAY: We didn't stay in the host hotel this year but at the Courtyard Marriott that was about a 10-15 minute walk from the start. We went with this hotel because it was cheaper and it was surprisingly actually a nicer room having just been newly remodeled. The run started at 8am and we were out of our hotel by 7:30am. We did not see much on the website about where our corral started this time. We even had the App and did not see exactly where we were supposed to enter our corral, which was B for the race. There were so many people walking and lots of confusion and chaos that we ended up in the entrance for corral D. 
This turned out to be not a smart move because it took a long long while for our corral to actually start the race. We were so jealous when we saw corral B go by. It's not until then when you realize how many people are actually running the race. In the mean time, we enjoyed checking out people's costumes while waiting and dodging tortillas. It was fun to see the tradition of the flying tortillas again.
Bay to Breakers tortilla throwing
Pre run shot.
It was pretty awesome that I ran into Laura right before we were to start.
The start line. It was 8:36am (according to my Garmin) when we started the run.
Bay to Breakers start line
It was fun seeing all of the costumes and of course interesting seeing those without. :p
 Here are some of the fun ones I took a pictures of.
Bay to Breakers costumes collage
It is always fun to see the salmon running from the other direction (finish to the start).
Bay to Breakers salmon
I remember seeing the Pope from last year too!
We had fun along the route.
 Lots of selfies on the run! :)
When you see a waterfall on the course, you have to stop and take a pic.
Bay to Breakers by the waterfall
I love that there are free race photos to download. This is the best shot of me in the bunch. 
Here's mile 7 which meant only .5 mile to go. Once we got closer to the ocean it was cloudier. Unfortunately no sunny blue skies like last year but it was still fun.
Bay to Breakers Mile 7
It was great to see one of my running buddies from when I lived in NJ! So great catching up with you Kim!
 It was also good to see Ross again! See you next at RNRSJ Ross!
Had to get a shot of the four of us sporting our ProCompression socks.
It was so much fun running with these ladies (Lenora and Erin) and dressing up as Charlie's Angels. :)
Bay to Breakers Charlie's Angels
 My results.
The race was a blast! It was all about having fun and enjoying the run. The course was the same as last year and the hardest part is always Hayes St. hill. The bling is pretty cool too.
Bay to Breakers medal 2017
 I'm already looking forward to next year's run. Any costume suggestions? :)

Happy running!

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