Sunday, June 18, 2017

Last Week's Workouts and Weekly Wrap 6/12-6/18

This week was the kiddo's first week off of school! There were no camps for them this week but I still kept them busy. As for workouts, the week started off great with tennis, running, and cross training with the girls, but I didn't get in a long run over the weekend due to getting sick. I'm still not 100% as I've got some coughing and I even lost my voice. 

Here's a recap of last week's workouts;

Monday 6/12 - Tennis with Hubby and the kids early morning at 7am.
Then a workout with the girls at Chestnut Park. 
Tuesday 6/13 - 4.3 miles while the kids biked.
Wednesday 6/14 - Stairs workout and a few laps at the track with friends.
Thursday 6/15 - Running rest day but I did get in an awesome day trip to Tahoe with a friend and her family. We did a short hike at Eagle Rock and visited a couple of beaches. It was so much fun!
Friday 6/16 - 5 miles with a friend and some strides the last mile.
Saturday 6/17 - Rest
Sunday 6/18 - Father's Day hike

So the weekend was pretty busy. I think I started getting signs of being sick Thursday afternoon and got more sick on Friday afternoon. I even took a nice nap in the evening in hopes it was something that would go away fast but it didn't.

Saturday was a day of a bunch of errands. I still was a little under the weather so after the errands tried to nap since there was a pool party we were to go to in the evening. I was feeling better but my voice still wasn't there. I didn't swim but the kids and Hubby did and it was still a good time for me. By the end of the night, I had my voice back.
However, in the morning it seems like my voice was gone again. With it being Father's Day, we had planned on going on a Father's Day hike in Tahoe to escape the heat. I was totally up for it and had a great time on the hike despite not being 100%. It was an awesome hike with amazing views. The trail had snow most of the way up and the kids loved playing on it! They did really great on a tough hike and it is actually their highest peak at 9,101 feet (according to my Garmin).
 Happy Father's day to an amazing husband and father!
That pretty much sums up my week! 

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Have a great week!

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