Monday, July 31, 2017

CIM Marathon Training Week 1 & Weekly Wrap: 7/24-7/30

I have started training for my second full marathon! I will be doing the California International Marathon in December and I'm pretty excited. Due to our road trip, I'm starting a little later than I was supposed to, but Coach Dawn said it was ok. Yes, I've got a coach for this marathon. Coach Dawn helped me get my half marathon PR and hopefully she'll help me get my marathon PR. This wasn't a full week of training but since I started on Friday with Coach, I am still counting it as my first week. :)

Here's a recap of what I did last week:

Monday 7/24 - Rest. Took the kids fishing for the first time. We went to two beautiful lakes.
Tuesday 7/25 - Got in a good 5 mile run around my mother-in-law's neighborhood in Francis, UT. Lots of cows seen on my run. 
Wednesday 7/26 - Rest. On the road.
Thursday 7/27 - On the road and finally back home. Got in 2 mile run.
Friday 7/28 - CIM training officially starts.
Scheduled: 3-5 easy miles
Actual: 4.25 miles
Saturday 7/29 -
Scheduled: Rest
Actual: Rest
Sunday 7/30 -
Scheduled: Easy 7-8 
Actual: 8 miles with a friend. 
We had an amazing road trip to the National Parks and visiting Hubby's mom in Utah but it was also great to get back home. A lot of the weekend was spent doing some errands and relaxing. Sunday, it was great getting my 8 mile long run in with a friend and running in a field of sunflowers.
After my run, I watched the kiddos play soccer with the neighborhood kids. Sunday soccer with them has gotten a lot bigger and more organized. The kids had lots of fun.
We spent the afternoon at the pool. It was the perfect way to cool off.
That pretty much sums up my week! Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. This week's new Guest Host for the Weekly Wrap to give Holly and Tricia a break is Deborah from Confessions of a Mother Runner. Please be sure and check out her blog!
Have a great week!

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