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2018 Year in Running Review

2018 Year in Running Review
It's been another amazing year! I didn't run as many races as last year, I think one less but again it was a great year. You can check out what I did in 2017 here. 2018 came with more PR's and even a Boston qualifying time. I'm so thankful and grateful for everything that made this year go so well.

In 2018 I ran a total of 1,432 miles. It's 16 more miles than last year so the most I've ran in a year!

I ran a total of 10 races.

I ran:
2 marathons
1 20 miler
3 half marathons
1 12K
1 10K
2 5Ks

I ran in two states: California and Utah.

The year started out with the Shamrock'n Half Marathon in March. I normally do the Davis Stampede but it happened to fall on February 18 and I was out of town (trip to Japan with Hubby). I ran Shamrock'n as a fun one with my friend Maria. It was a lot of fun running and just enjoying the course.
A couple of weeks later was the Lucky Run 10K in Davis. This run was a special one for me because it happened to land on my birthday. It wasn't just any birthday, it was a big one, the big 4-0. It turned out to be an awesome start to my birthday as I PR'd in the 10K and even got first place in my new age group!
Next up was Rock'n'Roll San Francisco Half Marathon. This was another fun run that I ran with Daniell and with some of the werunsocial group. It was neat to run the new course as well. It's always fun running on the Golden Gate Bridge!
The end of April I ran the Zion Half Marathon with good friends. It was so nice to run with my friend Lenora again (who moved to Texas). This was another fun run for me. Now that I look back, I didn't race a half marathon in 2018 (that needs to change in 2019). Anyway, this run was so much fun and it was a beautiful course. It was a blast doing this Vacation Races run. After our run we had fun hiking, especially hiking Angel's Landing
Next up in May was another fun run, Bay to Breakers! This year we a got a big group and we were the unicorn squad. This one is always a fun one with all the costumes and so many people!
In June I ran the Women's Fitness Festival 5K. It was my second time running this one and I was hoping to PR this race but came up short. I'm not sure what happened but I just couldn't keep the pace I wanted. On the upside I did manage to get second place in my age group.
My next race wasn't until September and it was my goal marathon race! I ran the Tunnel Light Marathon in North Bend, WA as my 3rd marathon. I wasn't quite sure how I would do as we went to Europe over the summer and running on vacation was harder but I still got it done. Anyway, Tunnel Light was an awesome run since my goal was to BQ and I actually got it. The time wasn't enough to actually go to Boston but it was a PR for me and a huge improvement from my last marathon. It was also great to hang out with my sister and friend Lenora. We all did awesome!
Next up was Run The Parkway 20 Miler in November. It was a great training run for the California International Marathon. Yes, this was my first year doing 2 marathons in one year. I figured why not. My plan was not to race it but run with a friend. I did this 20 mile with my coworker Kristine and it was so much fun. I even did better than last year.
My next race was an impromptu race while we were visiting my sister-in-law during Thanksgiving break. Me and my 9 year old along with my nephew ended up doing their local Turkey Trot. We did Turkey Trot on the Ranch 5k in Mission Viejo. I ran with my 9 year old and he did amazing for not racing a 5K in a couple of years. We both ended up with 5k PR's!
My last race of the year was the California International Marathon (CIM). It wasn't about time but helping a friend reach her goal. I ran with Kristine and Nick for most of the run until I unfortunately had calf cramps that bothered me the last 4 miles or so of the race. It was still a fun time and in the process completed my 4th marathon.
That concludes my 2018 year of running! It was a great year of PR's. Many thanks to my husband and fam for supporting me and also to Coach Dawn for helping me get those personal bests. I'm already looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings. I'm still chasing the unicorn. I've already registered for marathon number 5 in June so hopefully I can actually get a qualifying time to go to Boston! 

Have a great 2019 and happy running!

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