Monday, January 5, 2015

NYC Half Marathon Training Week 2: 12/29-1/4

Here's a recap of last week's workouts:

Monday 12/29 - Last one mile run in WA with my sister until we meet again in March for the NYC Half marathon. It has been really nice running together these last few weeks.
Tuesday 12/30 - After a long day of traveling back to New Jersey, I did a mile to continue the run streak.
Wednesday 12/31 - 3 miles to the canal and back. It was a great day for a run.
Thursday 1/1 - A good 4 miles to end the Runner's World Run Streak. It was a great streak. I would even do it again next year. You can read more about my experience here.
Friday 1/2 - Rest. 
Saturday 1/3 - 3.1 miles in the rain.
Sunday 1/4 - 6.4 mile long run on the D&R Canal trail. It was nice because the weather was a lot warmer than usual.
A decent week of running but not much else. It has been hard as both the kiddos and Hubby have been sick with the flu ever since we got back from Seattle and are finally getting better. I hope to get in some T25 and PiYo in this upcoming week. 

How was your week?


  1. Great job with your runs! I'm so glad the streak is over haha, but I'm glad I did it!

  2. Thanks Janelle! Great job finishing finishing! :)

  3. Nice week of runs! Great job finishing the streak!

  4. Thanks Sherry! You too! Great job on your streak!