Thursday, January 8, 2015

TBT Hiking Post - St. Edward's State Park

Happy Thursday! That means another Throwback Thursday hiking post! Today's post brings us back to a hike when I was pregnant with my first son. I wasn't active during my pregnancy (looking back I wish I were) but I did take walks mostly during my lunch break. We had just gotten a new SLR camera and wanted to take some pics so we went to St. Edward's State Park for a short hike.

St. Edward's State Park 4/5/09 
St. Edward's Park in Kenmore, WA is a great park for hiking, picnics, softball, and even mountain biking. There are a bunch of mountain biking trails although I have never explored them, it is a popular place to go. What I liked about the park was that it was 5 minutes from where I used to live. The park does require a Discover Pass now. 
The trail we took was the beach trail. It is the easiest trail to get down to Lake Washington. Yup, that's me about 34 weeks pregnant.
It's a nice hike down.
Pretty scenery.
Some pictures I took of Hubby by the rocks.
It was easy going down, but up is a different story especially while pregnant. :p
A good hike and it's great for all ages. The beach access is nice with the rocks. Lots of great scenery!


  1. Looks beautiful, love that you had such a fit pregnancy,

  2. Loved that hike when we were younger! I can't remember the last time I've been on it.

  3. Yeah, it's been a while! We'll have to do it again when we visit next time!

  4. Lovely - hello kiddo number one!