Monday, April 25, 2016

Seattle Sports Company Firewater Multi-Bottle Review

I received this product free of charge from Seattle Sports Company as coordinated by Outdoor PR in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

As many of you know, I love the outdoors. I also love water bottles. I've got a good supply of them in the kitchen cupboard. So when I saw that this bottle had multi uses I couldn't resist. Not only is it a water bottle but it is also a great light source that can be solar charged.

The cool thing about this Firewater Multi-Bottle is that it lights up. It can be used as a lantern. At 50-100 lumens there are three settings: low, high, and flashing. I like how it lights up and the blue color is nice. It's kind of soothing. It also comes in green and white.
Seattle Sports Co. Firewater Multi-Bottle
The lid is the light source and when you take it off can be used as a brighter light, or like a flashlight.
The light can be charged via USB (it comes with the cord) or by sunlight. It takes 5 hrs to charge by USB or 8 hrs in direct sunlight. It runs 5-12 hours depending on the setting.
To test the bottle out, I took it on our hike on the Valley Vista Trail. It did its job as a water bottle. 
Seattle Sports Co. Firewater Multi-Bottle
However it only holds 700 ml, so not the best bottle to take on long hikes and it is a bit flimsy (made of silicon) so when you put it in your backpack side pocket, it can be a bit difficult. Yet being made of silicon, you can collapse the bottle and stow it away easily in your pack or in your gear for camping once compact. It weighs 7.2 oz so a bit on the heavy side, so I'm not sure I would take it on a backpacking trip where you want to take the lightest pack possible. 
Firewater Multi-Bottle collapsed
You do need to make sure the inner plastic ring is pressed firmly into the silicone opening to prevent leaking. I forgot to put it in once and the bottle just fell apart on me with the water leaking easily, so make sure you have it in there.
Overall, the Firewater Mutli-Bottle is neat. I think it would be best for car camping because then you don't worry about weight and can use it to light up the tent and also as a separate light. It would be an easy and convenient way to have light while getting dinner prepared or the campfire ready when it gets dark. I also like that it can be solar charged in case there are no outlets at the camp site. The kids are already excited to use it for our next camping trip. :) The bottle sells for $27.95 and you can check it out here.

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