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Across the Bay 12K Race Recap 7/10/16

Across the Bay 12K Race Recap
Race number two of last weekend was Represent Running's Across the Bay 12K in San Francisco on Sunday. With tired legs from the Davis Moonlight Run Half Marathon the night before, I took this one easy. It was fun running with a friend and enjoying the views. The Golden Gate Bridge was definitely the highlight of the course.

PACKET PICKUP: For this race, I was unable to go to packet pickup before the run. My friend's friend picked up our bibs and shirts (thanks Tereasa to your friend)! 

RACE DAY: I had to get up real early for this one. It was pretty crazy because I didn't get much sleep since I was so excited from the finish of the Davis Moonlight Run Half. I just could not sleep. Mental note, no more night races before an early morning race that requires driving long distances. I left my house around 4:45am since the drive to SF is about an hour and a half. I used Parkwhiz for parking and got into a garage (Pier 2620 Hotel) a couple of blocks from where we were to take the shuttles to the start. It was nice because I just used the hotel's bathrooms and they were pretty nice and of course no lines. 

It did not take me long to get to the spot where the shuttle buses were at Aquatic Park. I planned on meeting my friend at 6:30am but she and her friends were running late so I had some time. I got this shot of the bridge thinking, I will be running that this morning. It was so great that the weather cooperated and the skies were clear! No fog!

When my friend came with her friends, we did not have to wait long for the shuttle bus. They did a great job of moving us along quickly.
Across the Bay12K shuttle buses
By the time we got to the start, it looked like the first wave had just taken off. We took some pics and waited for wave two to leave. 
I was in wave two and my friend was in wave 3 and with my legs pretty tired from the half marathon, I figured it would be a good idea to stay with her. 
Across the Bay12K start line
Wave 3 started a few minutes late and then we were off. It wasn't long after we started (at least I thought so) that we got this great glimpse of the Golden Gate bridge.
Across the Bay 12K golden gate bridge
It was so cool that we were running towards it and eventually on it. I was taking it all in and had to stop for pics.
There was a pretty steep hill before actually getting onto the bridge that we walked part of. My legs were pretty tired so I enjoyed the walking breaks. Getting onto the bridge and running on it was pretty cool. 
Even more awesome was from the bridge, we saw whales below in the water. I had never seen anything like it and was pretty excited that we saw them. I didn't get a pic of the whales, but they were down there.
Here's a shot after getting off the bridge and heading down onto the coastal trail
Across the Bay 12K golden gate bridge
I just took it all in and enjoyed the scenery. It was getting hot with the sun beating down but the cool breeze did help at times.
 After a total of 7.5 miles we finished!
Got this awesome medal!
Across the Bay 12K medal 2016
They gave out goodie bags at the finish with chips, bottled water, & granola bars. Having a bag is always a nice touch. Popsicles were handed out and they tasted so good after a hot run!
Medal pics. 
It was great meeting Marie and Lori, fellow Represent Running ambassadors.
Overall it was an awesome race. It was put together well and the course was pretty amazing. The GG bridge was the highlight for me. I would definitely do this race again!
Across the Bay 12K
Happy running!

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