Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Chicago Marathon Training Week 4: 7/11-7/17

It's been a busy week, which explains why my weekly wrap post is a bit late but better late than never right? Last week went ok marathon training-wise. After having a double race weekend with both the Davis Moonlight Run Half marathon and the Across the Bay 12K, my legs were pretty darn tired. I modified my plan a bit this week to recover and with backpacking and hiking all weekend had to skip on my long run.

Here's a recap of last week's workouts:

Monday 7/11 -
Scheduled: Off or Cross training
Actual: Off
Tuesday 7/12 -
Scheduled: 6 miles easy w/ 5x30 sec strides
Actual: 6 miles easy and skipped on the strides because my legs just weren't feeling it still after the two races over the weekend.
Wednesday 7/13 -
Scheduled: Off or Cross training
Actual: Rock'n'Roll Making a band, drum solo 5K virtual run with 7 year old while 5 year old biked. If you had not heard, rock'n'roll has a virual run series. Check it out here. You can win prizes when posting using #RnRVirtual run. We had fun doing our Guitar solo. :)
Thursday 7/14 -
Scheduled: 1 mile w/u, 4 miles @9:05-9:10 pace, 1 mile c/d
Actual: 3 mile trail run/hike with a friend at Cold Canyon. My legs felt a lot better for this run. It was a nice climb gaining 1,036 ft. in 1.5 miles. Also got awesome views of Lake Berryessa at the top.
Friday 7/15 -
Scheduled: Off
Actual: Hiked 1.5 miles to Tamarack Lake.
Saturday 7/16 -
Scheduled: 6 miles easy
Actual: Hiked 6.2 miles to to Lake Aloha and some exploring by the lake. 
Sunday 7/17 -
Scheduled: 13 miles easy
Actual: Hiked 9.6 miles to Gilmore Lake.

The weekend started early with our backpacking trip into Desolation Wilderness. We started our hike out just after lunch. We stayed 3 nights and had a wonderful time. I will have trip reports on the blog soon but for now will leave you with some of my favorite pics from the trip. 
This upcoming weekend I'm excited that my sister will be visiting from Oregon and I'll be running my longest run, 14 miles for marathon training! 

That sums up my week! Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. 
Have a great week!

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