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Davis Moonlight Run Half Marathon Race Recap 7/9/16

Davis Moonlight Run Half Marathon Race Recap
Last weekend was my first two race weekend! The first of the two races was the Davis Moonlight Run Half Marathon held on Saturday evening. I loved that it was a local race and in familiar territory, even better was that I could walk to the start line. My plan was to run this one hard and to shoot for a PR but with it being in the evening I wasn't sure it would happen. I had never ran an evening race so I figured this would be interesting and if anything a good practice for RnR Vegas in November.

PACKET PICKUP: Bib and shirt pickup was at the local Fleet Feet in Davis and it was super fast and easy. I went on Friday afternoon. There is also pick up the day of the race but I figured this way I did not have to arrive earlier than I needed to on race day. 
Davis Moonlight Run Half Marathon shirt 2016
RACE DAY: Race start for the 10K, 10mile, & half marathon started at 7pm. The 5K started a little later at 7:15pm. It is really nice that there is a variety of distances for runners to choose from. With the half marathon starting at 7pm I made it a point to eat early. I ate around 4pm so I would have time to digest and it was pretty light (a pita sandwich with turkey and cheese). Best thing about this race was that we could walk to the start. We left the house around 6:15 and got there about 6:30ish so still a lot of time to just hang out before the run. It was nice because we saw some family friends there and got to catch up a bit. Their daughter (our babysitter for the kiddos) was running. She ran her first half marathon! 

I also saw running friend, Steph . I met her at the Davis Lucky Run last time, so it was great seeing her again at this race.
Standing at the start line.

Davis Moonlight Run Half Marathon start line
I lined up with the 1:55 pacer. I was hoping to stick with him throughout the course and in the last 2 miles leave him, but that didn't quite happen.
The best thing about this course was that most of it was familiar to me, so I knew exactly where I was most of the time. There were a few parts where I had not been and that too was nice because now I know of some ways where I can modify and create new routes to run in the future that are closeby.
Davis Moonlight Run Half Marathon course map
The race started pretty close to start time, we were off at 7:04pm. It was really great that Hubby and the kiddos came to watch and cheer me on at different parts of the race. The pic below was not too far after we had crossed the start line.
The pacer for 1:55 was going pretty fast. I wasn't sure why but he kept the pace pretty fast the first mile. My Garmin has mile 1 at 8:09. I'm always happy when I see Hubby and the kiddo cheering me on.
At this point, I kinda felt like I will just go for it. I felt really good but knew I should slow down. I slowed down but still kept a pretty fast pace. The 1:55 pacer also slowed down after the first mile, but I didn't stick with him. 
Mile 2 was at 8:23.
 We ran through south Davis. Mile 3 - 8:29.
The route is fairly flat. The only type of hill you get is going on the bridge overpass over highway 80 or going down and up tunnels of the bike path.
Mile 4 - 8:36
Mile 5 - 8:34
Mile 6 - 8:38
At around 6.5 miles we headed back over the bridge and toward Mace Ranch Park. That was were I saw Hubby and the kiddos again. I had some great pacers running with me at this point. :)
Mile 7- 8:36
Mile 8 - 8:37
Mile 9 - 8:34 We ran through some neighborhoods. It was fun because some people were sitting on their lawns cheering us on. Rather inconvenient were the kids playing basketball on the street and their hoop was right on the course, no worries though. It wasn't horrible trying to avoid them.
At miles 10 through the finish, I slowed down. I think it getting dark and my legs just getting tired got me. Seeing the Hubby and the kiddos one last time got me going, but it did not last long.
Mile 10 - 8:56
Mile 11 - 8:51 
Mile 12 - 8:52

Mile 13 - 8:53

.4 - 8:45 pace 
By mile 12, I was still on target for a PR, so I thought, but what happened next ruined my hopes. I can't remember exactly when it happened but my right calf started to feel a little funny and I knew it was on the verge of balling up. It has happened to me before and it is not fun when it actually happens. It's the worst pain. So what did I do? I had to slow it down. I slowed down enough to a pace that was ok enough for my calf to be ok. It sucked to have to slow down, but it would have been a lot worse if I ran faster. I tried my best at the finish and it came really close to balling up. I'm actually scared to see my finish line pic because I know I've got the worst grimace on my face. :p

Anyway, I'm still happy with my finish. I ran it in 1:54:53. It's my fastest half this year and I managed 3rd place in my age group. I'll take it!
There were some nice goodies at the finish. The regular bottled water, some granola bars, bananas, etc. My favorite was the watermelon and the otter pop I got from one of the vendors.
I ended up with 3 medals for the night. I got the NorCal Tour de Fit medal since I ran 3 races of their series, I got the normal half marathon medal, and I got the Award Finisher medal for getting 3rd place in my age group. Overall, despite my calf almost balling up, it was still a great night and good race. 
Davis Moonlight Run Half Marathon medals 2016
I'm hoping to have my recap of Across the Bay 12K up later this week, so stay tuned!

Happy running!

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