Monday, July 25, 2016

Chicago Marathon Training Week 5: 7/18-7/24

Week 5 of Chicago Marathon training went pretty good. I got in all of my training runs in for the week and I was even able to get in a little extra mileage in on Tuesday with two runs for the day. I didn't get any cross training in this week other than some extra walking with the kiddos due to playing PokemonGo so cross training is something I still need to work on. I would really like to get in more strength training but that probably won't happen this week as we will be at Disneyland most of the week.

Here's a recap of last week's workouts:

Monday 7/18 -
Scheduled: Off or Cross Training
Actual: Hiked 7.2 miles back to Echo Lakes Chalet from Lake Aloha. 
Tuesday 7/19 -
Scheduled: 6 miles easy w/ 5x30 sec strides
Actual: 6 miles easy w/ 5x30 sec strides and an easy 5 mile run/walk with the Galloway group in the evening.
Wednesday 7/20 -
Scheduled: Off or Cross Training
Actual: Off
Thursday 7/21 -
Scheduled: 1 mile w/u, 3 x 1.5 miles @ 8:44-8:49 pace, 1 mile c/d
Actual: 1 mile w/up, 3 x 1.5 miles @ ~8:50ish pace, 1 mile c/d with a friend.
Friday 7/22 -
Scheduled: Off or Cross Training
Actual: Off
Saturday 7/23 -
Scheduled: 6 miles easy
Actual: 7 miles at 9:36 pace with the local running group and new running friend.
Sunday 7/24 -
Scheduled: 14 miles easy
Actual: 14 miles at 9:49 pace with my sister.

As to the weekend, Saturday started out with a 7 mile run with the local running group. It was nice running seeing some faces I had not seen in a long while and also meeting a new friend, Elizabeth who I ran with most of the run. 
My sister was coming down from Oregon in the afternoon so we did a few errands before she arrived. We even made it to play at the park for a while.
When my sister arrived, it was just about dinner time and took them to one of our favorite places for sushi. It was so good!
Sunday started out with my longest run to date! I ran 14 miles! What really helped was running it with my sister! It was fun catching up. She's in CA the whole week. We're heading down to Disneyland today. It's going to be so much fun especially since my kiddos have never been.
After our run, we took them around town. We walked around the Davis arboretum. Below is a pic of the kiddos with their cousins under the shovel arch.
 We took them to the Redwood Grove, my favorite part of the arboretum.
We also took them around some of UC Davis campus. Here they are with a couple of egg heads.
After walking around in the 90+ degree heat, we ate lunch at Woodstock pizza and then got some bubble tea.
Afterwards, we rested a bit before my cousins and Auntie & Uncle came over to visit. We put some burgers on the grill and also had hot dogs. It was great having some relatives over to visit.
 The kiddos with their cousins and second cousins.
 We had some fun outside at the park and playground.
I'm excited to be heading to Disneyland today and hoping I'll be able to fit in my two running workouts into our busy schedule.

Been to Disneyland? Any tips?

That sums up my week! Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. 
Have a great week!

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