Monday, August 8, 2016

Chicago Marathon Training Week 7: 8/1-8/7

Last week was another busy week in the books. I got in most of my running workouts for marathon training in and felt pretty good about them. Ran 800's for the first time and survived, and also got in a good 5 miles at a decent pace. We went to Yosemite National Park at the end of the week which is amazing and I'm very happy I got in my 15 mile long run! 

Here's a recap of last week:

Monday 8/1 -
Scheduled: Off or cross training
Actual: Off
Tuesday 8/2 -
Scheduled: 1 mile w/u, 6x800m at 8:11-8:16 pace w/ 60 sec rest, 1 mile c/d
Actual: 1 mile w/u, 6x800m at (7:57, 7:53, 8:04, 7:59, 8:01, 8:02), 1 mile c/d. I went faster than scheduled but oh well. :p
Wednesday 8/3 -
Scheduled: 4 miles easy
Actual: 4 miles easy.
Thursday 8/4 -
Scheduled: 1 mile w/u, 5 miles at 8:41-8:51 pace, 1 mile c/d
Actual: 1 mile w/u, 5 miles at mile paces ranging from 8:27-8:36, 1 mile c/d.
Friday 8/5 -
Scheduled: Off or cross training
Actual: Off. First day at Yosemite.
Saturday 8/6 -
Scheduled: 6 miles easy
Actual: I got Sunday's long run in on this day since it was the only chance I could fit it in. I ran 15 miles mostly on the Valley Loop trail early in the morning. It was a great run! I also hiked Sentinel Dome 2.2 miles roundtrip and 4 miles to Dewey Point for our backpacking trip. A busy day on my feet, I even got 55,368 steps for the day on my Fitbit!
Sunday 8/6 -
Scheduled: 15 mile long run. All easy pace 9:40-10:44
Actual: Off. Backpacked 4 miles back to the trailhead.

What a weekend! We arrived at Yosemite National Park on Friday just after lunch. We set up our tent at the backpacker's camp before doing some sight seeing.
Below's pic is from Tunnel View.
Saturday morning, I woke up early and ran my 15 mile long run on the Valley Loop trail. It was good run on the trail and I saw some amazing sites in the Yosemite Valley. 
After my run, thanks to Hubby and the kiddos, they had everything packed and ready to go and we headed to check out Glacier Point. It has got amazing views!
After Glacier Point, we headed to hike Sentinel Dome. Look for a trip report on our experience later on the blog!
After the hike, we headed to Mcgurk Meadow trailhead to start our backpacking trip to Dewey Point. Again more details to come on the blog on this backpacking trip later but I will leave you with a few pics. Dewey Point is an awesome place to backpack.

That sums up my week! Linking this post up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap. 
Have a great week!

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