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Hiking Sentinel Dome with the Fam at Yosemite National Park 8/6/16

Hiking Sentinel Dome with the Fam at Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park is an amazing place. There are so many cool landmarks at the park such as El Capitan and Half Dome. There are many ways to see these great landmarks - by foot and even by car. Hubby had already been to Yosemite and this was my first time so I was very excited to visit the National Park. He recommended we do the Sentinel Dome hike having done it before and knew that the views would be pretty great and he was definitely right on.  

The trailhead for Sentinel Dome is off of Glacier Point road, you can also start from Glacier Point but it is a lot longer hike. The parking lot isn't huge so be prepared to park on the shoulder if there are no more spots. There are restrooms at the trailhead which is always nice. 
Bathrooms at Sentinel Dome trailhead
The hike is pretty easy through forest at first.
Here you can see Sentinel Dome on your left.
Below's a cool rocky part towards the dome. You would think you were almost there from this pic but you enter a bit of forest again before getting to the steep part of the dome.
Hiking Sentinel Dome
Sentinel Dome trail
Once you get to this point there is only 0.1 mile to go. 
Sentinel Dome
It's a steep 0.1 but definitely worth it when you get to the top. 
Hiking up Sentinel Dome
The views you get are amazing! From here we are looking towards half dome. There is also this compass at the top.
Half dome from Sentinel Dome
The view towards El Capitan! 
El Capitan from Sentinel Dome
The top of the dome is wide and huge. The kiddos enjoyed rock hopping with Hubby along with climbing the huge rock boulders.
Rock hopping on On top of Sentinel Dome
Of course we had to get a family pic on top. 
There are lots of people on this hike so be prepared for that, although not as bad as Glacier Point. We ate our lunch at the top but be prepared for bees. I think they smelt our sandwiches or any food for that matter and just swarmed towards us. We ended up walking around and eating since the bees just would not stop.
On top of Sentinel Dome
Below is a pic of Hubby with the tree that Ansel Adams photographed that became famous. However when Ansel Adams photographed it, it was still alive. The tree has since died and this is what remains.
Sentinel Dome Dead Jeffrey Pine
Overall, this hike is one you shouldn't miss if you ever visit Yosemite National Park. It is only 1.1 miles one way, so 2.2 roundtrip. The hike is pretty easy with the steepest part at the end when you scramble up the dome.
It is great for kids and the best part are the views. The 360 degree views of the Yosemite Valley are breathtaking.

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